Crazy rates, are they taking advantage?

Maybe it’s because I’ve come into the film / video industry later in life rather than straight out of film school like many newcomers but I can’t help but be astounded by the low rates that are offered by some production companies for camera operators and editors.

I’m not talking about short film productions where everybody is doing the work for the love of film and maybe expenses, that’s a whole different story, one of mutual benefit for all and something that I’m more than willing to participate in myself.

No, the positions that amaze me are the ones for commercial organisations that seem to be taking advantage of a film makers love of what they do to employ people at absolutely crazy rates.

Only today I saw an ad for a position filming and editing tech shows for a well known commercial organisation. The ad brags about how they have backing from well know financiers and industry figures and then goes on to mention what they are looking for…

Cameraman / editor with their own broadcast quality camera & equipment, Mac, and Final Cut Studio to work on episodes of a technology programme.

That all sounded quite interesting, but then they announce that the pay for this position is £50 per episode! How is somebody supposed to be able to afford all that gear when they earn £25 a day!

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