TomTom for iPhone v1.2 – user beware!


I find having a satnav is essential for what I do, having to drive all over europe for various shoots is made a lot less stressful by using a satnav which politely calls out directions leaving me to concentrate on the driving.

I used to use a stand alone TomTom Go, but a month or so ago I purchased TomToms app for my iPhone which I have to say has been great. I just put my phone on the dash, punch in a postcode and it does a pretty good job of getting me to where I need to be.

Another thing I’ve found useful is that when clients arrange transport or the location for the shoot wasn’t at a definable location I can just save my current location on my iPhone and know that I can get directions back to that spot at any point in the future, these are stored as favourites.

As anyone who has an iPhone or iPod Touch know, apps are usually quite cheap, but this one is an exception, I paid £79 for the Western Europe app.

As is quite common with iPhone apps, updates often get released that are free to install, yesterday TomTom announced an update which adds some new functionality (v1.2) so I decided to allow my iPhone to update (actually done in iTunes).

After the update process was complete I thought I’d check out the new features but when trying to start the app it kept crashing back to the iPhone’s home screen. After a couple of reboots I contacted TomTom support.

To cut a long story short, I was told that I would need to uninstall the app and reinstall it, which sounds okay until you realise that doing so will wipe out all of your favourites, meaning that your data is lost forever!

The support person I spoke to at TomTom told me this happens every time an app is updated, which is total rubbish, the last update from TomTom (v1.1) didn’t cause me to lose my data, and neither has any other app I’ve updated.

TomTom should make it possible for users to backup their data on a computer, or at least be careful not to wipe it out with their updates!

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