NEXTO DI NVS2500 Video review

So here it is, my first ever video review! I have to admit that I much prefer being behind the camera than in front of it, perhaps that’s the reason why I love being behind the lens so much, it gives me a good excuse not to be on the other side of it!

The NVS2500 is an amazing bit of kit, it fitted into my workflow easily and is now an essential part of it. I’ll also be writing a full review over the next few weeks so look out for that too.

Thanks loads to my lovely girlfriend Sylvi for manning the 5D and doing a pretty good job of directing me – that can’t have been easy! With temperatures below freezing we were both extremely cold and had to cope with constant interruptions from bird watchers, dog walkers and a very annoying tractor driver who seemed intent on making as much noise as possible for no apparent reason!

Due to the high winds we struggled to get good sound, and with not being able to monitor it I was flying blind so sorry for the muffled audio now and again. I’ll have to look into wind noise reduction options for my ECM-77’s.

I hope you find it useful.

Read my full review at

To find out more about the NEXTO DI NVS2500 visit

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  1. Well done. Solid, informative piece. Looking forward to the next one.

    Definitely a piece of kit I’ll take a look at.


  2. Well done Paul. Nice pace throughout the review. My only question is when importing to your computer, is a simple drag’n drop or is there software from NEXTO that needs to be installed first. Overall great shooting and as always very professionally done.

    • Hi Michael, thanks for the feedback.

      The NVS mounts just like any other external hard drive so you just browse it using the OS. Every time you do a copy function the device creates a new folder and then copies the contents of the media card into that folder – it’s just like using a card reader.

    • Paul Frederick
    • February 17th, 2010 3:29pm

    Nice job Paul! Very well done, informative, well paced and now…I need to get one of these! My wife hates you! :)