End of 2019 update

So it’s a little over three years since I last posted anything on this page and having spent the last 20 minutes trying to remember how to even log in I thought I should probably attempt to write something!

During my absence from blogging I’ve been putting most of my effort in to aerial work and my company Drift Media . The aerial work is great fun and we’ve enjoyed working on quite a few interesting projects so if you’re interested then please have a look at the Drift website where you’ll find quite a few examples of our work.

Here’s a little video showing some of the drone projects I’ve worked on with Drift Media.

I still do a fair bit of general production work although sadly I haven’t worked with Harley-Davidson since 2017. I’ll always be thankful for the ten years I spent travelling the world with Harley, it really was a life changing contract that one.

Anyway, I won’t ramble on for too long as I’m not even sure if anybody still visits this old site but if any of my regular visitors of old do happen across this post then I wish you all the best and would love to hear how life is treating you.

Best wishes and have a great 2020!


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