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Canon EOS C300 Custom Picture Profile

I’ve had a few people ask if I would consider sharing the Canon EOS C300 Custom Picture Profile / Scene Files I created and used on the video I did for Harley-Davidson in St Topez recently. The picture profile is now available for download if you want to try it out. Just remember this is more of a ‘baked in’ look, see the video below for examples of how it looks, the C300 shots were not colour corrected in this video.

Download the file here: Paul Joy’s Canon EOS C300 Picture Profile

I need to give a shout out to people who’s profiles I tried before creating mine as I leaned a lot from them. Alister ChapmanAbel CineKevin Ritchie and the BBC’s recommendations all helped me to understand what different settings would achieve. Another great resource was Art Adams ‘Stunning Good Looks‘ post about correcting white balance on the C300.

The zip file contains a single preset file which will replace the setting you have in the SD1 position. Make sure you back up your existing SD1 setting first!

Let me know how this works for you. The setting is called PJOY1080 because it’s set up for 1080p shooting. I have another one for 720p but I’m still perfecting that and I’ll share it once I’m happy with it.

Using the Canon EOS C300 for a Harley-Davidson event

The post production for the event I shot for Harley-Davidson in St Tropez is now completed so I thought I’d share my thoughts on using the Canon EOS C300 on an event shoot for the first time. Previous to this event I’ve been using a Sony EX1 and Canon 5D mkII combination which have produced some nice results. The EX1 has been my main camera for event work over the last few years and even though I’ve felt the results from the 5D2 have been better at times the functionality and ease of use that the EX1 provided meant that it was just a better all around camera for my needs.

My shooting days at these events involve a lot of walking, I’m generally out shooting from 10am until the early hours of the morning for three or four days in a row so it can be very hard on the feet and becomes tiring after a few days. Because of this I tend to try and avoid carrying too much kit around with me and certainly didn’t like carrying both the EX1 and the 5D at the same time with all the batteries and lenses that go with them. My preferred method was to head out for a few hours with the 5D and my Glidetrack grabbing some more stylised material and then head back and swap over to the EX1. This worked well most of the time but invariably there would be times with the 5D that I missed the EX1’s over cranking feature and shooting aids, likewise when using the EX1 I’d really miss the ability to shoot really wide and have more control over the depth of field of my shots.

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Shooting in St Tropez with the C300

I’m currently shooting another event for Harley-Davidson in the French riviera. I’ve shot this event a few times before but this is the first time Ive used the C300 for a rally so it’s proving to be a new challenge for me and the camera. I’m about to head out for another days shooting but I just wanted to post a quick update as to my progress and how the C300 was coping with the role of event coverage.

In terms of usability the camera’s working really well, I’ve been using the 17-55 IS most of the time just because I find I need the wide end a lot for these events. I have used the Tokina 11-16 a little too but I find it restrictive being stuck that wide when walking around shooting. I don’t like swapping lenses outside if I can help it at all so I’ve tended to pop back to my apartment in order to swap lenses so as to keep the dust inside the camera to a minimum.

When I popped back to swap lenses yesterday however I did notice that there were three spots of white debris behind the IR glass inside the C300’s body. I thought this area was sealed as it contains the ND filters and the sensor itself so I was a little shocked to see that stuff inside. There’s no way for me to clean it either so the camera will have to go back to canon when I get home next week.

Anyway, I have to run as it’s time for another day’s shooting but I’ll leave you with a few screen grabs, these are all unedited VLC grabs from the footage straight from the camera. It’s taken me a while and a lot of experimenting with various custom picture settings but I think I’ve finally made one which is ideal for providing a nice natural look with faithful colours and contrast straight from the camera.

Canon EFS 17-55 causing vignetting on the C300

I picked up the Canon EFs 17-55 f/2.8 IS recently because I wanted a wide zoom that would compliment my 24-105 IS and 70-200 IS lenses. I’ve been shooting with the 17-55 for around a week now and started noticing light falloff on the left and right edges of my shots when shooting at 17mm as well as darkened corners from 17-28mm. When the image stabiliser is active on the lens the vignetting becomes a lot more noticeable as the stabiliser function causes the vignetting to move around in the shot.

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Goodbye Hillman, and thank you.

I’ve just found out the very sad news that aged just 51 Hillman Curtis has passed away after losing a battle with colon cancer. Hillman played a big part in my move from a flash developer to becoming a filmmaker when he showed some of his early films at the ‘Flash on The Beach’ conference in Brighton in 2006.

I highly recommend you watch some of Hillmans videos as he created some fantastic work. As a very successful designer Hillman made a point of never letting his love of video become a job and I always respected him for that.

For me though this very simple short which played on that winters day in Brighton will always have a special place in my heart. Hillman sat on the stage that day and cried as the video was played out, he explained that he had fallen in love with those dancers through the shooting and editing of the video and for him having the video played was like having a memory wrenched out of his heart and he found it extremely emotional.

I felt a real connection with Hillman that day, he started out as a musician, then because of an understanding of computers he moved into design and web technology, not dissimilar to my own experiences in life at that point. I felt a very strong need to talk to Hillman after the show which I made a point of doing. I explained to Hillman that I really wanted to get into video and filmmaking and we had a short but very interesting conversation about it.

One of the things that Hillman spoke about was how he felt that it was important to keep reinventing yourself and changing direction, those words would have a big impact on my decisions over the next few weeks.

Hillman signed a copy of his book for me there and then and I knew at that point that I had to make some big and risky changes to both my career and my life.

Over the next month or so I started shooting my first short videos and like Hillman found the process to be both emotional and satisfying. By that time my role at the design agency I was working for  just didn’t seem to satisfy me any more and I made the decision to hand in my notice.

During my leaving speech two months later I explained to my colleagues that it was all Hillman’s fault! I’ll always be grateful to Hillman for helping me make that decision, it was one of the best I’ve made.

My thoughts are with Hillman and his family at this very sad time.