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Glidetrack Hybrid Slider Review

Glidetrack have launched the new Hybrid Slider System today and are offering a limited 10% discount on all models to celebrate it’s release.

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I’ve recently posted a full review of the new Hybrid Slider, click here to view it.

LCDVF review

I’ve just posted my thoughts on the LCDVF.

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Zacuto Zip Gear Review

I’ve recently received the hard stops for my Zacuto Zip Gears and posted a full review.

Click here to read the review and comment.

Zacuto Z-Finder V2 Review

Zacuto Z-Finder v2


I’ve been trying pick one of these up for a few months, I finally got my hands on one and have just posted a review of it.

Click here to read the full review

Zacuto Zip Gears

Zacuto Zip-Gears


First came a set of four Zip Gears which I’m using on my L Series prime lenses. I liked the look of the zip gears because they are low profile and easy to fit and remove. Like most Zacuto products they are expensive, in fact I’d say these things are probably the most over-priced items I’ve purchased to date. Buy them from creativevideo in the UK and you pay a whopping £407 for four! In the US they retail for around $430.

Okay so thats the bad news out of the way, so why would you be mad enough to spend that kind of cash in these tiny bits of metal? They just work really well, In operation the gears do exactly what you would expect, they mesh with the follow focus and allow the lens to be focused – pretty simple really. That basic operation is definitely not worth all the money you have to spend on them though, where these are special is that they include hard stops.

The hard stops mean that it’s possible to use modern SLR lenses like my Canon L series lenses that do not by design stop at each end of the focus rings travel.

I made the mistake of ordering mine without the red stop parts so I haven’t actually tested the gears with both stops in place yet, I’m having some shipped from Zacuto and I’ll post my findings as soon as they arrive and do a full review with pics.

[update 22-01-2010] I’ve just posted a full review of the Zip Gear.