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Shoot35 CINEfocus Review

The box turned up today and I thought I’d share the pleasure of opening it with you.


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Hague D5 Dolly System

I’ve recently picked up a Hague D5 Dolly system. It’s a basic track based dolly that runs on PVC tubing and allows you to mount your standard camera tripod to it’s base plate. I’ve ordered some adapter shoes for it that will allow me to fix my Manfrotto legs securely as they don’t fit in the standard mounting holes. When the adapter shoes turn up I’ll do a review of it and post some better pictures and maybe a few examples of clips shot with it.

Here’s the manufacturers pic for now.


Cinevate Proteus rails review

I’ve posted a review of Cinevate’s Proteus rail system.

Brevis 35mm adapter

Today was a very significant day in my videography adventure, it was the day when I finally got my hands on a 35mm adapter!

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