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Senal SMH-1000 Headphones Review

When B&H Photo got in touch with me recently and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing the Senal SMH-1000 headphones I was intrigued, at first glance they appear to be almost identical to the Sony- MDR-7506 which are often regarded as an industry standard in the film and recording industries.


Read the full review to see how they stacked up against the Sony’s and also the Sennheiser HD25 II’s that I’ve been using more recently.


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Kessler Pocket Jib Traveler Review


I’ve received my Kessler Pocket Jib Traveler today and have posted a bunch of photo’s along with my initial thoughts about it.

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Atomos Ninja 2 Review

I’ve just posted a full review of the Atomos Ninja 2 which I’ve been using with the Canon C100.

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atomos_ninja_2_c100_review_05   atomos_ninja_2_c100_review_29

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Canon C100 Review – First impressions

Having just received a Canon C100 I thought I’d post my first impressions. At this stage I haven’t started shooting with the camera so this is going to focus on the build and operation of the camera for now but I will be posting more about the results and workflow as time goes on. As a Canon C300 shooter a lot of this post will be comparisons to that camera but should prove useful none the less. I have to apologise for the low quality images below, I was far too excited to go and grab a proper camera so snapped away with the iPhone!

Build Quality

Taking the C100 out of the box it felt just like C300 only in a more compact form, in fact in some ways it actually feels a little more rugged! That’s probably due to the fact that it has less bits and pieces on it but none the less this feels like a well built camera. The handle with the microphones and XLR inputs built in feels really nice, I’m never a big fan of the clear plastic covers over the audio controls as I invariably break them but other than that the handle feels tough and is very sturdy. Having just the single connector lead that attaches on the side rather than the back like the C300’s leads also lends to making the camera feel a bit less vulnerable.

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Kessler Stealth Slider Review – setup and first impressions


I’m a long time fan of using sliders for tracking shots, recently however I’ve had a couple of projects where a motorised slider would have made my life a lot easier so I decided to invest in Stealth Slider system from Kessler Crane who are the masters of motorised cine gear.

Kessler produce a huge range of sliders including the Pocket Dolly range, the CineSlider and the Shuttle Pod. Wanting a system that I can travel with I’d been thinking about buying one of the sliders in the Pocket Dolly range but doing some research it seemed that the drag control on the CineSlider was a really handy feature but none of the standard pocket dolly range has a drag control…


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