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Choosing an HDMI monitor – SmallHD vs Marshall

I’ve just written a long overdue report about my struggle with choosing the right HDMI monitor.

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Pluraleyes review

I’ve been trying out Singular Software’s pluraleyes plugin for Final Cut Pro over the last couple of weeks and I’m really impressed. Pluraleyes makes a huge difference if you’re working with DSLR’s or multiple cameras and multiclips in Final Cut.

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Manfrotto 394 (RC4) Quick Release system review

Video review of the Manfrotto 394 quick release plate system.

The Manfrotto 394 quick release plate system uses Low Profile 410PL plates which I’ve found to be more reliable and easier to use than the smaller 323/200PL RC2 system that comes as standard with smaller Manfrotto tripods and heads.

For use on my Glidetrack Shooter I modified the ball head seen in the video by removing a 323 plate that came fitted to it and attaching one of the 394 plates in it’s place.

The price for the 394 adapter and the 410 plate in the US is $46.95 at B&H. I was slightly out with the price in the video. Click here to buy them at B&H

In the UK you can buy them from for around £35.

GoPro first test

Something special happened today that I look forward to every year, it was the day when my bike came out to play for the first time after spending the winter in hibernation.

Apart from the usual pampering that the bike normally gets before it’s first outing of the year I also set up my new GoPro cameras for they’re first test run. One was mounted permanently on top of my helmet and the other was moved around the bike a bit to see how it coped with vibration and shock.

Both cameras were recording at 720/60p which although is not the best quality option does allow you to create nice slow-mo footage by confirming it to 25 fps in cinema tools.

The only problem I had with the cameras themselves were minor, firstly the lenses kept fogging up, I’m not sure if this was due to it being pretty cold but I had to keep stopping and opening the waterproof housings to let the lenses de-mist. I also didn’t have the angle of the helmet camera right, I’ll correct that next time!

Generally the biggest weakness is rolling shutter which results in a lot of wobble where there’s vibration. It’s not impossible though, I’d be happy using at lease some of the shots.

Below is a quick video showing a sample of the results, nothing has been colour corrected, it’s just straight out of the cameras and converted to ProRes so that I could edit it in final cut. Note the flying cat basket towards that tries to take me out towards the end! Don’t worry, I think it was empty!

The music is by one of my all time favourite bands ‘Killing Joke’ Click here to buy it on iTunes

NEXTO DI NVS2500 Video review

So here it is, my first ever video review! I have to admit that I much prefer being behind the camera than in front of it, perhaps that’s the reason why I love being behind the lens so much, it gives me a good excuse not to be on the other side of it!

The NVS2500 is an amazing bit of kit, it fitted into my workflow easily and is now an essential part of it. I’ll also be writing a full review over the next few weeks so look out for that too.

Thanks loads to my lovely girlfriend Sylvi for manning the 5D and doing a pretty good job of directing me – that can’t have been easy! With temperatures below freezing we were both extremely cold and had to cope with constant interruptions from bird watchers, dog walkers and a very annoying tractor driver who seemed intent on making as much noise as possible for no apparent reason!

Due to the high winds we struggled to get good sound, and with not being able to monitor it I was flying blind so sorry for the muffled audio now and again. I’ll have to look into wind noise reduction options for my ECM-77’s.

I hope you find it useful.

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