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New Video: Multicam edits in Premiere Pro using PluralEyes

In this video I show how to use PluralEyes to sync DSLR clips in Premiere Pro CS5 and then go on to show how to do a multicam edit.

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Zoom h4n as a desktop mic

The Zoom H4n audio recorder is loved by DSLR filmmakers worldwide, it’s a low cost device that provides high quality results. But did you know that it can also be used as a desktop mic?

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FCP to Premiere Pro CS5 – basic editing differences

Im general I’m really enjoying Premiere Pro at the moment, working with DSLR footage is a breeze and I really like the workflow, but there’s a few fundamental differences when making basic edits that catch you out as a FCP user and I thought I’d throw together a quick video highlighting that difference.

Sorry about the lack of light at the start, and the high ‘Um’ count :) If you can help out and tell me how to do the edits I’m struggling with via keyboard commands then please leave a comment.

UPDATE: Thanks to David K for suggesting I check out the Trim Window which does indeed solve most of these issues. Click here to watch it in action.

The Zoom H4n gets independent level controls

Zoom H4n

Zoom have released a firmware update  (v1.70) for their H4n Handy Recorder. The new firmware adds the ability to set the recording levels for channels 1 & 2 individually. Prior to this update both channels shared a level setting making it tricky to record from two sources at the same time.

Get the firmware from the Zoom Website.

To switch or not to switch

A few weeks back I made a post about the fact that I was considering switching from Final Cut to Premiere Pro. Now that I’m editing on this super fast 12 core mac and Final Cut Pro is only using a fraction of it’s resources this question has become a lot more prominent.

I’m still undecided at the moment but if you’re at all interested in switching I highly recommend visiting Chris Fenwicks Blog. Chris has made a series of really interesting screen casts about switching to Premiere Pro and the kind of problems an experienced Final Cut editor is likely to run into. Chris also highlights some of the advantages so it’s well worth a look

Click here to visit Chris Fenwicks Blog.