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Dual SmallHD DP6 monitoring

One area where I use my DSLR’s a lot is for interviews. Because the cameras are so small and portable I’ve been shooting a lot of two camera interviews by myself. Up until now I’ve tended to hitch one camera to my Marshall monitor and treat that as my main shot with the other camera set up and then left largely un-monitored during each take. With their ability to achieve a such shallow depth of field any movement on the part of the interviewee can result in the focus needing to be adjusted so only being able to monitor one camera is a bit risky.

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12 core Mac Pro tests

Activity monitor showing 24 flat out processors

“The 12 Core shows up as 24 CPU’s, all flat out in compressor!”

My new Mac Pro arrived yesterday so I spent my evening installing apps and getting it set up ready to take over as my main editing machine. Once I had the basics installed I couldn’t resist running a few tests to see how it compared to my old machine…

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Playing with Premiere Pro CS5

Over the last few days I’ve been giving the 30 day demo of Adobe’s Premiere Pro CS5 a few workouts and I have to admit to being very impressed. The 30 day demo doesn’t come with many codecs so I could only work in DVCPRO HD sequences but that just made things even more interesting.

In Final Cut Pro if I create a similar sequence and then drag in some DSLR source clips things immediately become unresponsive. The timeline needs rendering and my mac struggles to play the sequence back. Adding any kind of transition or effect makes things a lot worse with rendering required at every stage.

Premiere Pro however handled the native DSLR footage with ease. I did a quick edit, dropped in some cross fades, applied some 3-way colour correction and a bit of blur here and there and not once did I have to render anything in order to watch it play back smoothly. Very impressive!

I must admit to being very tempted to splash out on a license but changing NLE’s is a very tough thing when you’ve gotten used to a specific workflow and I feel very at home with Final Cut. Seeing what Adobe has achieved just heightens my frustration with Apple for their apparent lack of advancement of the Pro apps and I’m definitely not going to keep plodding away in Final Cut for long knowing the competition is so far ahead.

Problems with the Canon EOS Movie Plugin-E1

Here’s a down and dirty screen cast showing some problems I’ve been having using the Canon Movie Plugin E1 for Final Cut Pro. I’ve literally recorded this and uploaded it in the last 20 minutes so please forgive the quality, I’m right in the middle of an edit so didn’t have much time.

If you’ve also seen similar issues or don’t suffer from it then please leave a comment, it might help to nail down the cause of the problems.

UPDATE – 26/08/2010

Canon has just announced an update to the EOS E1 plugin which is due for release in September. According to Canon the update adds support for their new 60D body. Of much more interest to me though is the announcement that it will also provide support for multi-core processing. Just in time for my shiny new 12 core!

Lets hope they fix the above bugs too!

Archiving – what to do with all that footage?

Coming from a tape based Canon XH-A1 I found the digital workflow of the Sony EX1 to be a wonder with it’s instant clip reviews, no drop-outs, fast ingest and high quality. One problem with shooting on something like SxS, compact flash or SD cards though is that you have to put all of that data somewhere after each shoot. Gone are the days of storing the original tapes in a draw.

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