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Canon EOS C300 Custom Picture Profile

I’ve had a few people ask if I would consider sharing the Canon EOS C300 Custom Picture Profile / Scene Files I created and used on the video I did for Harley-Davidson in St Topez recently. The picture profile is now available for download if you want to try it out. Just remember this is more of a ‘baked in’ look, see the video below for examples of how it looks, the C300 shots were not colour corrected in this video.

Download the file here: Paul Joy’s Canon EOS C300 Picture Profile

I need to give a shout out to people who’s profiles I tried before creating mine as I leaned a lot from them. Alister ChapmanAbel CineKevin Ritchie and the BBC’s recommendations all helped me to understand what different settings would achieve. Another great resource was Art Adams ‘Stunning Good Looks‘ post about correcting white balance on the C300.

The zip file contains a single preset file which will replace the setting you have in the SD1 position. Make sure you back up your existing SD1 setting first!

Let me know how this works for you. The setting is called PJOY1080 because it’s set up for 1080p shooting. I have another one for 720p but I’m still perfecting that and I’ll share it once I’m happy with it.

Using a Glidetrack for photography

I was called recently by professional photographer Mike Harrington runs a specialty packshot company called “The Packshot People“. As well as specialising in product photography Mike also shoots a lot of images for the stock image giant Getty Images. With the London olympics big in the news this year Mike was in the process of putting together a series of stills based on sporting activities that feature in the games. One of the images mike had in mind was of a cyclist on a rolling road with a London cityscape in the background.

Mike shot the cyclist in his studio and grabbed the skyline in London but he needed to create the rolling road part of the image and ideally wanted vehicle light streaks in the shot. At this point many people may have turned to photoshop but Mike’s one of those guys that’s not happy settling for second best when you can capture a real image.

When Mike asked if I had a device that would allow a camera to be tracked whilst keeping it stable I knew straight away that he was talking about a problem that we had already solved as filmmakers, he needed the Glidetrack Hybrid HD.


Mike borrowed my Glidetrack HD Hybrid and mounted his Hassleblad medium format camera to it. He then found a suitable spot beside the road and did a long exposure whilst sliding the camera along the track. The results were perfect providing a perfectly smooth blur of the road with the passing cars creating spectacular light streaks.

Here’s the composited image containing all three parts.

So many DSLR users have purchased Glidetracks and other sliders to enhance the video aspects of their shooting but I wonder how many have thought about switching those cameras into stills mode and getting creative with long exposure stills too.

If you want to find out more about the Glidetrack Hybrid that Mike used then see my Glidetrack Hybrid review.

For more information about all of the Glidetrack models visit


HDSLR Encoding Wars – Premiere Pro vs Final Cut Pro

Browsing the web reading various reports and reviews about Premiere Pro I keep coming across the statement that because Premiere Pro works without the need to transcode H.264 DSLR files the footage inherently retains more quality.

After using Premiere Pro for a week or so I decided to spend some time investigating this theory and came up with some interesting results that I thought I’d share with you. Firstly let me describe the workflow involved in each process.

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New Video: Multicam edits in Premiere Pro using PluralEyes

In this video I show how to use PluralEyes to sync DSLR clips in Premiere Pro CS5 and then go on to show how to do a multicam edit.

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Zoom h4n as a desktop mic

The Zoom H4n audio recorder is loved by DSLR filmmakers worldwide, it’s a low cost device that provides high quality results. But did you know that it can also be used as a desktop mic?

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