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FCP to Premiere Pro CS5 – basic editing differences

Im general I’m really enjoying Premiere Pro at the moment, working with DSLR footage is a breeze and I really like the workflow, but there’s a few fundamental differences when making basic edits that catch you out as a FCP user and I thought I’d throw together a quick video highlighting that difference.

Sorry about the lack of light at the start, and the high ‘Um’ count :) If you can help out and tell me how to do the edits I’m struggling with via keyboard commands then please leave a comment.

UPDATE: Thanks to David K for suggesting I check out the Trim Window which does indeed solve most of these issues. Click here to watch it in action.

The Zoom H4n gets independent level controls

Zoom H4n

Zoom have released a firmware update  (v1.70) for their H4n Handy Recorder. The new firmware adds the ability to set the recording levels for channels 1 & 2 individually. Prior to this update both channels shared a level setting making it tricky to record from two sources at the same time.

Get the firmware from the Zoom Website.

Archiving – what to do with all that footage?

Coming from a tape based Canon XH-A1 I found the digital workflow of the Sony EX1 to be a wonder with it’s instant clip reviews, no drop-outs, fast ingest and high quality. One problem with shooting on something like SxS, compact flash or SD cards though is that you have to put all of that data somewhere after each shoot. Gone are the days of storing the original tapes in a draw.

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New workflow tutorial – how to create slow motion using cinema tools.

I’ve been asked a few times about the method used to create slow motion shots using 50p or 60p footage. This process applies to clips from Canon DSLR’s that shoot 50 or 60 fps at 720p, the GoPro Hero HD, Sony EX cameras and pretty much any other camera that will shoot 50 or 60 frames per second.

I’ve created two video tutorials showing two different approaches to conforming video clips with Cinema Tools, one describing batch conforming and the other showing how to conform individual clips from within Final Cut Pro.

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Controlling a Canon DSLR using an iPhone

I’ve been playing around with controlling a Canon DSLR from my iPhone today.

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