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New video: Euro Festival 2011

This video was shot for Harley-Davidson at the 2011 Euro Festival in the Golfe De Saint-Tropez, France. I used both the Sony EX1 and my Canon 5D. The only lens used on the 5D was the Canon 24-105 IS L.

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New Film: Endeavour

After working with Peter Naylor on Adrift he gave me a call to see if I’d be interested in shooting another short film he was working on.

Endeavour was shot on the 5D MarkII and involved some pretty cold and wet shooting. At various points during the one day shoot I found myself standing in a river with my Miller tripod submerged to the head and the 5D scarily close to the water…

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New Video: SilentArena at Reading Festival

I shot this for SilentArena at the Reading Festival in August 2010. By far the biggest challenge with shooting any club type scene is trying to capture the closeness and the vibe of being at such an event. In the past I’ve struggled to do that, mainly because of shooting with smaller sensor cameras like my Sony EX1 which reveals way too much detail and tends to make the event look a lot more clinical than it feels at the time.

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New Video: Using the Trim Monitor in Premiere Pro CS5

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Shooting in Croatia

2011 will see the 20th European H.O.G. Rally being held in Biograd, Croatia. To help promote the event I was asked to create a short trailer showing a mixture of location footage and shots from previous events.

Biograd is located on the Adriatic coast overlooking the island of Pašman. The area is a fantastic mix of rugged mountains, blue seas and best of all for motorcycle enthusiasts has stunning riding roads along the bays of the adriatic…

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