INTUIT remote focus controller

I just stumbled across this on vimeo and it looks like a great idea, lets hope it comes to market.

Here’s some info from the creator…

“This pre production demo show what the new INTUIT FOCUS v.01 (beta) is capable of. It is wired follow focus unit for those who tend to use new DSLRs on their rigs, Steadicams or any kind of dollies. This product will be coming in 2 versions, with 1 controller and 1 motor or 1 controller – 2 motors for easier and faster switches between setups.
Currently INTUIT FOCUS is in it’s final test faze and it will be ready for sale via IF web site.
If you need some additional specs and info – contact me via email:

If you would like to follow the development progress of this device the creator is using the comment system on Vimeo to answer questions.

Choosing an HDMI monitor – SmallHD vs Marshall

I’ve just written a long overdue report about my struggle with choosing the right HDMI monitor.

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Controlling a Canon DSLR using an iPhone

I’ve been playing around with controlling a Canon DSLR from my iPhone today.

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Harley-Davidson doc: update 1

Only a month now until the BMW GS is dropped off and we set off on the ride the St Tropez…. can’t wait!

Preparations are coming on nicely. I’ve been talking to the local BMW dealership about the luggage on the new GSR and they were not confident about how waterproof it will be, apparently however BMW supply waterproof liners that will do a better job of keeping my cameras etc dry so I’ll be taking a set of those too.

After my road test of the GoPro’s I’m confident they will produce some nice results too, I’m working on some support options for those at the moment. I’ve also nailed down the angles so that I don’t end up with as much footage of the road!

New Zacuto Z-Finder family

Zacuto are listing a new range of Z-Finders on their website, and mighty interesting they look too. As well as introducing a more basic solution in the form of the Z-Finder Jr the standard Z-Finder has now transformed into two models, The Pro 2.5X and Pro 3X. I felt the last Z-Finder has too much magnification at 3X so it would be great to try out the 2.5X version.

Those with keen eyes will also have spotted the move away from stick-on mounts to a mounting system that requires the use of plates under the camera. Also new in the Pro models are anti-fog glass, lens caps and rubber boots to stop the diopter thread from collecting dust and dirt. There’s also a mention of a protective case.

I’m not sure I’d welcome the additional plate under the camera, the design looks great and I can imagine it makes the rig a lot sturdier but with that extra plate and something like a Manfrotto 394 fitted under it there’s going to be a lot of height between the camera and whatever it’s mounted to. With the new plate and a 394 fitted it must put the camera a long way above the rails on something like a mini-baseplate. The rails on my rig can only go up another few mm so I’m not sure I could even make that work.

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