Creditors set to gain Panavision

The Los Angeles Times are reporting that hollywood camera giants Panavision are struggling against the drop in demand for cameras for movie and TV production. Though the main cause is listed as the recent hollywood writers strike followed by recession they also name the rise in popularity of digital alternatives such as the Red cameras as being part of the reason for the drop in demand.

Thanks to Genus products for the lead on twitter.

Canon confirms 2.03 firmware

Canon Europe have confirmed today that they will be releasing the 2.03 firmware for the 5D mark II in mid March. As suggested by canonrumors the firmware will bring 24p, 25p and 29.97 framerates as well as manual control over audio gain with on screen metering, a histogram display while shooting video and an improvement in audio sampling frequency from 44.1 KHz to 48KHz.

Canon have also released some sample footage shot at 24p and a video showing the new menu options although at the time of writing this I can’t get the video to play.

Canon 550D / T2i examples appearing

There’s some nice reviews of the video features in the Canon 550D appearing on the web. Ninofilm has posted a very in-depth and informative review as a first time DSLR shooter coming from the EX3.

It’s nice to see footage samples without any post processing so that you can see the real quality of images that the camera is capturing. The 550D footage at 720p seems just as nasty as the same mode on the 7D to me, although the much nicer 1080p footage seems to match up too.

Canon 5D Mark II firmware update

Canonrumors have released a photo from a slide show in Poland showing a feature list for the much anticipated 5D firmware update.

There’s no mention of 720p frame rates but after trying that mode on the 7D and not being impressed with the quality I’m not really bothered about 720, the EX1 is way better for that job. It will be great to have native 25p though!

Theres’s also some surprises in the list;
– Manual sound (gain control) with 64 levels and an on screen meter!
– Histogram whilst recording video
– Av & Tv modes whilst shooting video – Couldn’t we already shoot video in those modes?
– Audio sampling changed from 44.1 KHz to 48 KHz.

All great stuff. There’s apparently also been a release date of March 17th bouncing around on the web, let’s hope this is all true!

Redhead Zoom H4n windscreens

Mic windscreens are not something you normally consider to be fashionable or by any means funky, but when it comes to the Zoom H4n ‘Readhead’ windscreens it’s an entirely different story. My windscreens only turned up today so I haven’t had chance to try them outside yet, but you have to admit these things are well cool, I almost feel like I need to pick up some hair products for them!

Check out all the colours at I went for a gun metal and a midnight for $54 with free worldwide shipping.

People say that much like dogs, an h4n often looks like it’s owner… I don’t believe a word of it!

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