Canon at the Movies

Canon looks poised to announce something new for film makers in London next week according to canonrumors. Wouldn’t it be great if Canon’s video camera people have put together something new based on their success with DSLR sensors! After all the XH-A1 and H1 have been around a long time now.

Harley documentary

I had the pleasure of shooting Harley Davidson’s European events last year and I’m really pleased to say that I’ll be shooting for them again in 2010. On top of the event work I’m also going to be riding my KTM from the UK to St Tropez with a group of Harley riders covering the trip for a small documentary. Over the next couple of months I’m going to be putting together a shooting kit thats suitable to be carried on the bike.

I’m quite interested in shooting the trip on my 5D if canon release the 25p firmware in time, either that or get a 7D for the project. I’ll be testing out some options over the next few weeks and experimenting with various bits of kit that and workflow solutions so stay tuned and I’ll post my findings as the project progresses.

Must see – The Third & The Seventh

I’ve just seen this video over at vimeo and it left me stunned. I can’t remember the last time I saw such a beautiful film, and this one is made even more special by the fact that most of it’s done in CG!

LCDVF review

I’ve just posted my thoughts on the LCDVF.

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Zacuto Zip Gear Review

I’ve recently received the hard stops for my Zacuto Zip Gears and posted a full review.

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