Fujifilm EXR

I shot this short piece for Fujifilm UK’s web agency who used the footage as part of a flash presentation. The video includes parts where the scene is rewound and replayed using the Fujifilm camera, these were used in the presentation to describe the benefits of the Fujifilm camera.

The video was shot at various location in Norwich using my EX1 with the Brevis 35mm adapter and Nikkor 50mm lens.


Steadicam Pilot

I’ve been interested in getting a steadicam for a couple of years now, I tried a steadicam merlin at the 2008 Broadcast Expo in London, but with so many other things I’ve had to invest in it was put on hold. That was until last week when I decided to buy a used Steadicam Pilot that was going for a good price. I know this is going to be one piece of kit that will take some time to master, but I’m hoping to to have it by the end of this week and take it to Latvia with me to get some interesting shots of the Harley event. I’ll post more about that when it gets here.

Not sure what a steadicam is or does? Watch the inventor Garrett Brown demonstrating the Pilot for B&H.

Latvia here we come!

As you might have noticed I was asked to shoot Harley-Davidsons Euro Festival in the Riviera a few weeks back. Getting this gig was fantastic, I enjoy shooting most things but getting the chance to shoot a subject that you’re interested in as well is when you really start to feel like you have the perfect job! I’ve been into motorcycles since I was fifteen, I still own and ride one now and get out whenever I can. I also enjoy watching things like American Chopper and Biker Build-off on the discovery channel so having the chance to shoot the kind of bikes that feature in those programmes was a real pleasure.

The most exciting thing about the Harley-Davidson gig though is that they were so pleased with the results that they’ve asked me to shoot their next European event in Latvia at the end of June!

Liam Grimwood DVD

The archery DVD I shot and produced featuring GB team members Liam Grimwood and Neil Wakelin has now been released and is available in archery shops and online DVD retailers across the country.

For more info see http://www.bowstringmedia.co.uk/

Harley-Davidson Euro Festival 2009

Here’s the full version of the official Harley-Davidson Euro Festival event video. Click the button below to read more about the event and how I went about shooting it.