Harley-Davidson Euro Festival – Promo

Here’s a short promo showing the the event I shot for Harley-Davidson in Grimaud and St Tropez in France.

Over four days I shot over 110Gb of footage on the EX1 which included shooting from the back of a truck, filming bands on two stages and getting general coverage of the event and the surrounding location.

Shoots Galore!

Just a quick note to say that I’ve picked up a few really nice shoots recently. I spent the day filming a promo piece for Fujifilm in Norwich yesterday which was fun. The video is going to be used on a web promo and features a couple getting together for a birthday celebration. I can’t really say too much about it for now as it’s still in production but I’ll certainly be asking if I can post some clips from the shoot later.

Another very exciting project that I’ve picked up is shooting a 4 day Harley Davidson event in St Tropez next week. This will be my first shoot abroad so should prove to be interesting. Again I’ll be posting more about this later but I’ll also be posting updates to twitter if you want to follow what’s happening. You can follow me on twitter at www.twitter.com/pjoy

New Gear Reviews

I’ve been doing a little bit of shopping this week and posted a couple of gear reviews.


Miller DS20 Solo DV Tripod

Having purchased a Manfrotto 525/503 tripod with my Canon XH-A1 a couple of years ago I’ve never really felt the need to own another tripod. After being hired to do some filming in Spain though where I’ll be required to carry a tripod around with me all day, I knew I’d need something else…

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Litepanels LP-Micro

I decided to invest in a small on-camera light last week and after reading many favorable reviews I opted for the Litepanels LP-Micro. I really like the idea behind this light, it uses LED’s which provide lots of benefits, mainly low power consumption, no heat and a long life-span…

Read the full review


KUDA music video – now online

Watch the video in HD on YouTube

When I was asked by local film maker Pete Naylor if I would be interested in shooting a music video that he was directing I was both excited and a little nervous at the same time. Pete said that he’d seen some of the videos here on my blog and thought that my shooting style and the look that I’ve been getting was exactly what he needed for the video.


Hague D5 Dolly System

I’ve recently picked up a Hague D5 Dolly system. It’s a basic track based dolly that runs on PVC tubing and allows you to mount your standard camera tripod to it’s base plate. I’ve ordered some adapter shoes for it that will allow me to fix my Manfrotto legs securely as they don’t fit in the standard mounting holes. When the adapter shoes turn up I’ll do a review of it and post some better pictures and maybe a few examples of clips shot with it.

Here’s the manufacturers pic for now.