WD TV media player review

I’ve posted a review of the Western Digital WD TV media player. This great little device allows me to watch my finished edits in their full HD glory simply by copying the quicktime file to an external drive and then plugging that drive into this little box.

Exporting for the web

One question I get asked all the time is “What settings do you use to export your video?”. I’ve written a page describing the way I export video for use on YouTube, Exposure Room and Vimeo.

Cinevate Proteus rails review

I’ve posted a review of Cinevate’s Proteus rail system.

The next step – making contact

I feel I’m at the stage with my videography where I need to get involved in project where I have the ability to work with and hopefully learn from a team of like minded people who want to make a short film. Trying to make this step however is proving to be particularly tricky, mostly it seems, because I don’t live in London.

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Bags & Cases

I’ve added a couple of pages to the gear section covering the Peli hard case and Kata backpack that I use.

Peli 1560 hard case
Kata HB-207 backpack