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Ecosystem Justice Matters

This was a fun little talking head film I made for the International Development team at the University of East Anglia. The guys at the UEA had opted for a style they wanted to use so it was really just a case of lighting and framing accordingly to achieve the desired results.

One interesting challenge was that I didn’t want the backdrop framing to be changing between shots so we had to set the camera fairly high and then use a stack of magazines to raise the subjects to the desired height, which was fun! In the end I opted to crop into some of the shots anyway and the background changes were not overly noticeable but it’s better to air on the side of caution sometimes.

The subjects were lit with a single Rifa softbox on the left and a reflector to throw some of that same light back onto the right side of their faces just to bring up some detail. I also used my Litepanels 1×1 to throw some light against the white backdrop. I wanted to achieve a very shallow depth of field so I used the Canon 50mm f1.2 throughout at an aperture of f1.4.

One of the nice things about the modular design of the C300 is that you can remove the audio controls and LCD unit from the body of the camera. I set these up on a light stand so that I could adjust the audio levels etc without any risk of causing unwanted camera movement.


I actually shot with two cameras, the Canon C300 with the 50mm f/1.2 locked off and my 5D on the Kesller Stealth slider. I’d planned to show some shots with the camera tracking towards the subjects face as they talked but in comparison to the images from the C300 the 5D material looked mushy. The 5D produces great results but it does stand out as being soft when compared to the C300, I’ve decided to pre-order an EOS C100 to use as a B cam in the future.

You can just see in the image above that I monitored both cameras with SmallHD monitors, the DP6 on the C300 and the DP4 attached underneath the Stealth with a Noga arm.

The audio was all recorded from an overhead Rode NTG-3 and I haven’t messed around with the EQ at all on that. I’m really impressed with the results from that mic.

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The Canon 5D mark III is announced

The long awaited Canon 5D mkIII has been revealed today . The camera’s most notable new features for use in video production are as follows:

• Digic 5+ processor (supposedly reduces moire, rolling shutter and aliasing)
• Dedicated video / still switch like that on the 7D
• HDMI stays HD whilst recording
• Headphone  port
• Adjustable audio levels whilst recording
• Choice of either Intra-frame or Inter-frame H.264 recording codecs.
• Additional recording resolutions including 720/50 & 720/59.94
• Increased ISO range 100 – 25,600 (extendable range 50 – 102,800)
• SMPTE timecode support (albeit non linkable)
• Ability to record for up to 30 mins by join clips in camera
• Two card slots, 1 x CF and 1 x SD
• Lockable mode dial (that’s actually big for video usage)
• Better weather sealing
• Still uses LP-E6 batteries

Other notable features that relate more to use for stills include the following:

• 22.3 Megapixel full frame sensor
• 61 point autofocus system
• 6fps continuous shooting
• HDR mode
• 100% Viewfinder coverage

Overal it seems like a very nice improvement over the 5D mkII, lots of the issues that have been a major pain for video production with the 5D2 appear have been dealt with although it won’t be clear of course how well things like moire and aliasing have been improved until the cameras get into the hands of more reviewers.

The one lacking feature that many would have liked to have seen was the addition of clean HDMI out, the 5DmkIII still doesn’t offer this ability to use an external recorder, at least not in it’s present form.

What do you think, will you be upgrading your 5D2? Leave a comment.

Limited Pre-order available now!

The 5D mkIII body is available for pre-order from B&H for $3,499

If buying in the EU I recommend Wex (Warehouse Express) who are listing the 5D mkIII body for pre-order for £2,999

The camera is expected to start shipping at the end of March.


Zacuto EVF or SmallHD DP4 – Both EVF’s reviewed

Stand alone EVF’s (Electronic View Finders) have become quite popular recently mainly because they solve a few of the niggles associated with shooting video on a DSLR. It’s very limiting trying to shoot handheld using the built in LCD on a DSLR, even if your’e using a viewfinder attachment like the Z-Finder or LCDF because you’re stuck behind the camera making it impractical to get anything where you would like to detach your head from the camera.

The SmallHD DP4 and Zacuto EVF have both become the most popular choices so I put them to the test to see how they compare.

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Pearstone Dual Battery Charger Review

I’ve just posted a review of the Pearstone Dual Battery charger. As well as being fast and very useful this little device also has a few additional tricks up it’s sleeves including the ability to also charge a USB device and being able to display battery performance data without being powered.

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Vello DLSR Battery Grips – Full Review

Ever thought about buying a battery grip for your DSLR? If so you really need to check out these Vello DLSR Battery Grips, they are priced below $70 and are very similar to the much more expensive Canon versions.

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