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When You Find Me – Canon C300 Short Film

Update: 17-1-2012 – The Canon C300 is now available for Pre-order from B&H.

If you have 30 minutes to spare then this is a must watch. The Short was directed by Bryce Dallas Howard, daughter of Ron Howard who was also involved in the short as Executive Producer.

Update: The video above was made private on the 19th Dec but has since been made public and then private again. I’ll leave the embed online for now just incase they continue to change their minds.

The film was inspired by eight winning photographs which were chosen as part of Canon’s PROJECT IMAGIN8ION.

When you find me was shot using one of the first prototypes the new Canon EOS C300 with ariel shots done with an RC Helicopter fitted with a 5D mkII.

Check out my Canon C300 review for more information about the camera used.

Canon 5D MkII Price reduction

Today for the first time B&H are listing the 5D MKII body for less than $2,000. Not only is this a great price but they are also throwing in a 16GB Sandisk Compact Flash card, A LowePro Adventura bag and Red Giants B&H Software bundle. The included extras alone have a value of $720 making this an awesome overall package at $1,999.95.

New Video: Rio Harley Days

Here’s the highlight video from the my recent shoot in Brazil for Harley-Davidson

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Glidetrack Hybrid SD

Back at the beginning of 2011 I reviewed Glidetrack’s new Hybrid HD slider which I’ve been using ever since along with my trusty Shooter SD which I take with me on overseas trips or anytime when travelling alone and I need my kit to be portable.

The Hybrid HD has improved my results so much that I started to feel quite hindered when using the non Hybrid Shooter, especially as mine has been all over Europe with me and in that time has suffered some wear and tear along the way making it less reliable.

So when Alastair from Glidetrack contacted me a few months back and asked if there’s anything more I’d like from my Glidetrack systems my single response was to have a Hybrid SD model so that I could still benefit from having a small, light and easily portable slider and also be able to achieve the silky smooth tracking shots that the Hybrid HD provides. At the time Alastair replied with a simple ;)

Today a small brown box turned up on my doorstep containing the brand new Glidetrack Hybrid SD. The SD Hybrid provides all the benefits of it’s bigger HD brother, a hybrid bearing / sleeve carriage with a locking screw, adjustable feet that can be easily attached and removed and of course those famous balls!


The difference between the new Hybrid SD and my old shooter is like night and day, it has the same response as the Hybrid HD in that by just tilting the rail up slightly the carriage starts to roll under it’s own weight. I’m looking forward to getting a camera mounted and trying it out.


If you have an existing SD system the Hybrid parts are also available as an upgrade package for £205.20 which includes the Hybrid carriage and a pair of feet. This can be used to upgrade an existing Glidetrack SD system or any Igus system that uses the 10-40 rail.

The Hybrid SD is available now from Glidetracks website. The 0.5m version that I use costs £312, with a 0.75m version at £336 and a 1m version at £358.80.

For more information visit the Glidetrack website.


Here’s a video put together by Glidetrack showing a few more details of the product. It’s worth noting that the Hybrid SD carriage actually has more bearings than the bigger HD model offering extra smoothness for cameras with longer lenses that produce a greater weight offset.

And a few pics of the box being opened this morning, I’ll be posting a video review in the very near future once I’ve had chance to get out and put the new Glidetrack SD Hybrid to use.

Just as a side note, I’m very impressed with the iPhone 4s camera which was used for all of these pics!




European Bike Week 2011

Filmed for Harley-Davidson in Faaker See, Austria during European Bike Week in September 2011.

Both the Sony EX1 and Canon 5D MkII were used to shoot at the event. The only lens I used on the 5D was the Canon 24-105 IS which I generally have fitted with a Fader-ND filter . The tracking shots were done with my Glidetrack Shooter.

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