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Another short film

After working with Peter Naylor on Adrift he gave me a call to see if I’d be interested in shooting another short film he was working on. Un-named at the moment the film is still in production but Pete has recently posted some frame grabs from it which are looking very nice indeed.

The whole thing was shot on the 5D MarkII and involved some pretty cold and wet shooting. At various points during the one day shoot I found myself standing in a river with my Miller tripod submerged to the head and the 5D scarily close to the water. At one point I was using Pete’s 5D on a Jib and did accidentally touch the water with it! The camera was mounted upside down so only the hot-shoe went in but luckily it was fine.

Pete handled the whole incident much better than I would have done, although I would have replaced it of course if I’d damaged it…. phew!

Most of the shots shown here were done with the 50mm f1.2, with the exception of the bridge shot where I used the 70-200 f2.8 from the other side of the river.

Fujifilm F300EXR

Fujifilm UK’s digital agency hired me to shoot and produce this 20 second video which they needed as part of an online advertising campaign. I worked with the agencies creative team who had developed an idea for Fujifilm’s F300EXR camera whereby the camera becomes the subject of a photo shoot, becoming the ‘Supermodel’ itself.

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New short – ‘Adrift’

Adrift has finally been finished and I’m happy to now be able to share it. I co-wrote the short with my friend Pete Naylor and we’ve both had a lot of fun bringing the idea to life. We really just wanted to play with a basic dream twist idea and Pete had always wanted to take an antique bed to the beach for some reason (strange lad) so we based the idea on that basic principle.

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Swiss Harley Days

Here’s the video I’ve produced for Harley-Davidson’s Swiss Harley Days event. The video was shot over four days in and around the city of Lugano in Switzerland in July 2010.

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Archiving – what to do with all that footage?

Coming from a tape based Canon XH-A1 I found the digital workflow of the Sony EX1 to be a wonder with it’s instant clip reviews, no drop-outs, fast ingest and high quality. One problem with shooting on something like SxS, compact flash or SD cards though is that you have to put all of that data somewhere after each shoot. Gone are the days of storing the original tapes in a draw.

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