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The result of the DSLR revolution, or the end of it?

I’m very excited to be seeing more news being announced about Sony’s answer to the DSLR revolution. This new camera which is expected to be available before NAB 2011 could give us all the benefits of using a large 35mm sensor along with fast SLR lenses as well as the practical solutions normally found in dedicated video cameras such as better monitoring, xlr sound inputs and a pro codec to work with.

I personally think we’ll see the buzz return to the traditional video camera manufacturers 12 months from now, which is quite an interesting thought considering that the whole aftermarket manufacturing industry currently seems to have gone DSLR crazy. A dedicated 35mm video sensor would be designed with HD video formats in mind so would no doubt avoid the line twitter / aliasing issues which are the result of DSLR’s sensors providing too much resolution. DSLR’s are always going to have to cater to photographers first.

Canon or even Nikon may be planning on delivering an uncompressed full res video output from a DSLR, but they are always going to have to deal with sensors that are designed with still images in mind and provide work arounds to the huge resolutions involved.

I think the whole DSLR thing has been fantastic, it gave the video giants a big kick up the behind and made them move forward a lot faster than that might have done otherwise. They seem to be moving though so it’s going to be very interesting to see which direction they go in.

I did plan on investing in an EX1r for this years event work but I think I’m going to try and make my trusty 3 year old EX1 last one more season now and see what Sony do with this new camera and what they mean by “more affordable”.

The thought of an XDCAM-EX or better body offering the features of an EX1r but using a 35mm sensor along with the possibility to use various types of 35mm lenses is really exciting. It’s hard to know if that’s what Sony have in mind at present, but it would certainly get the attention of all those videographers out there who have jumped on the DSLR band wagon and invested money in 35mm glass.

Shooting for “Adrift’

I spent yesterday down on the coast shooting for “Adrift”, a short film I’m putting together with Peter Naylor. I’d like to say a big thank you to Justin Smith, Ryan Sutton, Liam Hind & Jamie Crown who came along to help out on the shoot. I didn’t realise quite how much we were going to be expecting of them until we got to the beach and realised that the location was quite a trek from the car park.

Justin, Ryan, Liam & Jamie not only carried much of the gear to our base camp but were happy to do the trip four times in total ferrying loads of gear around including a Jib which isn’t an easy thing to be carrying on a sandy beach on a steaming hot day. We were also on location at 6am, not easy for most of us but especially alien to students!

I’d also like to thank our Actors, Sally and Mya who were fantastic, my friend Tim for helping out with props and Sylvia for preparing a huge supply of food and drink for us all.

I don’t want to give too much away about the story for now, but here’s a few frame grabs and some BTS stills I grabbed while carrying the 5D around.

Another DSLR interview shoot

I’ve been having a very busy yet interesting and fun week shooting interviews at the University of East Anglia in Norwich. Over the past 2 weeks I’ve shot around twenty interviews as well as a lot of cut-away material which will be used at the editing stage.

The shoots have all been done as per my DSLR Interview workflow post, the only thing I’ve changed over the last couple of days is that I’ve been using both cameras without rails, matte-boxes and follow focus. Because I’m having to move around a lot I’ve been trying to keep my cases as light as possible so anything not essential had to go.

Here’s a quick snap I took on the iPhone today and a screen grab from each camera. The Camera on the left is a Glidetrack mounted Canon 7D fitted with a 35mm 1.4 lens & Rode videomic. The Canon 5D mark II is on the right mounted on my Miller DS20 tripod and fitted with a Canon 70-200 2.8, Rode videomic and LCDVF.

I recorded audio using a Sony ECM-77 lav mic running into a UWP-V1 wireless kit and recorded on my Zoom H4n.

Delkin dual universal battery charger review

I’ve been using a pair of Delkin dual universal battery chargers to charge my Canon LP-E6 DSLR batteries for a while now and they are so useful I thought it was about time I shared my thoughts…

Click here to read the review and comment.

Behind The Scenes – DSLR Interview

I’ve been asked a few times recently to post more BTS (Behind The Scenes) images from my shoots so here’s a few from today. This was the latest in a series of interviews I’m doing for one of my clients. Interviews is one area where these cameras shine, so much so that three of the four people I shot today remarked about the amazing look of the shots.

My kit and workflow was exactly as described previously in my DSLR Workflow post. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to post a comment and ask.