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Harley-Davidson 110th Celebrations

To celebrate 110 years of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company and 30 years of the Harley Owners Group®, riders have gathered and partied in cities around the world. In Europe, Rome became the home of Harley-Davidson® for four days in June – an epic event that I had the pleasure of filming. I wasn’t working alone on this one though, I had help from Will Middleton, a camera operator that I met working on a project in London last year.

The Rome event was set on multiple sites, including the Vatican City and nearby beach resort Ostia, hundreds of thousands of passionate Harley-Davidson enthusiasts flocked to this beautiful part of Italy to commemorate 110 years of the legendary motorcycle. I’m not at all a religious person but none the less I was really honoured to be allowed to film inside the Vatican during a special Mass for the Harley Owners Group and also to film the Pope himself  when he was paraded in from of the thousands of Harley riders in the Vatican Square.

The rome event did however throw up a few extra challenges. The police and security people in Rome and especially those surrounding the Vatican are a tough bunch to deal with. One moment I would be told that it was fine to stand in a particular location and the next another security team would tell me to stop filming and move on, it was probably one of the most stressful places I’ve worked as yet, especially as many of the security people didn’t speak english.

One of the photographers that we were working with also had a Nikon D3 stolen on the train, he thought nothing off an old lady asked him a question but didn’t realise until 15 minutes later that at the same time his back pack had been unzipped and the camera body removed. It’s never a good idea to carry camera gear in a back pack, especially on a cramped train! Luckily the photographer was insured and ended up with a shiny new D4 body but the shots that he’d taken were lost forever… well maybe until the scrote who stole it posts them on facebook!

Here’s one of the videos created from the Rome event.

Moving on from Rome I shot again for Harley at the European Bike Week event in Faaker See, Austria. I’ve shot this event many times now and it becomes increasingly difficult to make it look different as in reality the event is pretty much the same each year. The addition of some shots with the Kessler Pocket Jib Traveller and the fact that I was supplied a rather excellent Jeep for the duration did however give me some new options.

Atomos Ninja 2 Review

I’ve just posted a full review of the Atomos Ninja 2 which I’ve been using with the Canon C100.

Click here to read the review…

atomos_ninja_2_c100_review_05   atomos_ninja_2_c100_review_29

atomos_ninja_2_c100_review_42 atomos_ninja_2_c100_review_19 atomos_ninja_2_c100_review_35 atomos_ninja_2_c100_review_45

Canon C300 firmware update –


Canon have released firmware for the Canon EOS C300, and thankfully this time it’s downloadable and installable by the user. Thi release includes the fix of the green fringing on high contrast edges that was also seen in the release. Interesting is the mention of EF lenses being controlled more reliably, there’s no details of which lenses are effected.

Here’s Canon’s actual change log…

1. Some of the EF lens products that can be mounted on the camera can be controlled more reliably.

2. Corrections to the Spanish and German language texts in the View Assistance function [View Assist.].

3. Efforts to correct image color fringing when a subject is of high contrast have been made.

Download links…

C300 firmware – Canon Europe

C300 EF firmware – Canon USA

C300 Custom Picture files updated for firmware

I sent my Canon C300 in to have the latest firmware installed by Canon UK, the firmware contains a fix for the green fringe issue that I reported when I first got the C300. Interestingly it also changes the way the camera’s colour balance is set up slightly so I’ve had to update my custom picture profiles that are designed specifically to match the C300 with the C100.

The updated files can be downloaded here. For more details see my post about the files.


The C100 is doing well, but it could be better

I haven’t posted many updates lately so sorry for that. I’ve been working on a project involving a lot of two camera interviews using my Canon C100 and C300. This has been a good test for the profiles I created to match the camera and so far it’s going really well, the images from each camera are really close and I’m finding that with careful setup of exposure the results cut together well with the same grade applied.

The one thing that seems to let the the C100 down slightly is of course it’s internal 4:2:0 codec writing at 24MB/s, this doesn’t hold up as well as the C300‘s 4:2:2 codec at 50 MB/s. Below are some frame grabs showing one of the interviews I’ve shot and you will notice that although the C100 close up looks very similar to the wider C300 shot, closer inspection reveals compression artefacts that become more apparent when the footage is graded.

Both cameras were shooting in log with a minimal grade applied as an adjustment layer in Premiere CS6. I used Premieres RGB curves effect to add a shallow S curve and added some saturation using the fast color corrector tool. I’ll need to spend more time on the grade later in production but for now this gives a rough idea of how it effects the compression artefacts. Both the ungraded and graded screen grabs are shown below.

The wider shot was recorded with the C300 fitted with a Canon 50mm f/1.2 lens with the closeup recorded on the C100 with the Canon 70-200 f2.8 L. Both lenses were at f/2.8.

c300log c100logc300g c100g

I’m going to be reviewing the Atomos Ninja-2 external recorder over the next few weeks to see how that improves the images from the C100. Because the camera outputs 4:2:2 over the HDMI port that should in theory produce results much closer to the C300. Watch this space for more on that very soon.