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Dual SmallHD DP6 monitoring

One area where I use my DSLR’s a lot is for interviews. Because the cameras are so small and portable I’ve been shooting a lot of two camera interviews by myself. Up until now I’ve tended to hitch one camera to my Marshall monitor and treat that as my main shot with the other camera set up and then left largely un-monitored during each take. With their ability to achieve a such shallow depth of field any movement on the part of the interviewee can result in the focus needing to be adjusted so only being able to monitor one camera is a bit risky.

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SmallHD DP6 first impressions

I got back from my shoot in Austria last night to find the DP6 monitor from SmallHD waiting for me. To be honest I’m not going to have much time over the next few days to put it through it’s paces but thought I’d share a few initial thoughts with you and some quick iPhone pics I took whilst having a play with it.

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