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Final Cut Pro to Premiere Pro – six months in

I switched from Final Cut Pro to Premiere Pro CS5 about six months ago and have been using it as my main NLE ever since. Due to Apples recent launch of the not so pro FCPX there’s a lot of FCP users considering the jump to Premiere Pro so I thought I’d give a quick run down of the things that I’ve missed the most from FCP and the benefits I’ve seen.

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12 core Mac Pro tests

Activity monitor showing 24 flat out processors

“The 12 Core shows up as 24 CPU’s, all flat out in compressor!”

My new Mac Pro arrived yesterday so I spent my evening installing apps and getting it set up ready to take over as my main editing machine. Once I had the basics installed I couldn’t resist running a few tests to see how it compared to my old machine…

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To the power of 12

Anyone that’s been reading my blog for a while will know that I’ve been waiting for a new Mac Pro to be announced before upgrading, well now that the fancy 12 core machines are available to buy I’ve placed an order for my next workstation.

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Exporting for the web

One question I get asked all the time is “What settings do you use to export your video?”. I’ve written a page describing the way I export video for use on YouTube, Exposure Room and Vimeo.

YouTube goes HD

YouTube has finally started allowing the display of HD video and I have to say it’s the nicest looking web video I’ve seen yet. I did some experimenting and I had to upload a 16×9 (1280×720) video for it to give the ‘Show in HD’ option. Uploading a 1280×544 video as I normally upload to vimeo or Exposure Room would not kick in the HD option and did not display the video at the correct aspect ratio.

The other nice thing about YouTube is that they encode the video using the .h264 codec which also allows them to deliver the video to mobile devices such as iPhones & iPods. If you visit this site using an iPhone or iPod you’ll still be able to watch the video below.

Try clicking the full screen button on the HD encoded & embedded video below, or look at the video on YouTube. Very impressive quality!

Music and video are licensed separately under the Creative Commons “BY-SA” 2.5 license