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GoPro HD HERO Cameras

The pair of GoPro cameras I ordered for the Harley-Davidson documentary arrived today and they look like they’re going to be pretty handy. Because I wanted a range of mounting options I decided to go for one HD Helmet Hero pack and one HD Motor Sports Hero pack plus a bunch of accessories including four additional batteries, a handlebar mount and a suction mount.

These little cameras are supplied in waterproof housings and considering their small size actually record pretty nice quality video. of course it’s nothing like the quality you would expect of a 5D mark II, but then even though the 5D is smaller than my EX1 I still don’t want it on top of the helmet!

I’ll write some more about these cool little cameras soon when I get out and test them on my bike, but just to give you a rough idea of their capabilities they can shoot in 1080/3op and even 720/60p which should be great for doing slow motion. They have an incredibly wide lens which is even more extreme when shooting in the 720p mode.

I was faced with a slight problem in that they do not come with a charger unit and require charging via USB. This is great under normal circumstances but I didn’t plan on taking my laptop on the road so I had to find an alternative solution. I decided to give my iPhone charger a whirl as that uses a USB connector and it seems to do the trick just fine. I have two of those so problem solved.

If you’re interested in trying them out for yourself B&H Photo Video sells the whole range.

Here’s a really cool example of what these things can do.

Video by Alan Fendrich courtesy of

St Tropez via BMW

Today I’ve finally confirmed my vehicle for the Harley documentary I’m shooting in May. I had planned to take a KTM adventure but after further research and a few comfort tests I’ve decided to take a BMW GSA 1200. I’ve confirmed that the bike I’m hiring will be the brand new 2010 model with a full pannier / tank bag setup so it’s just a case of figuring out what kit I can fit on / in it now.

St Tropez trip

I’ve just ordered another DSLR for my trip to St Tropez in the form of a Canon 7D. Now that I own four lovely L series lenses it makes sense to have another body, especially as I’m planning on doing my next Harley event with DSLR’s alone. The plan is to use the 7D with my 70-200 IS lens, the smaller sensor will give me even more reach with that lens. Meanwhile I’ll continue to use the 5D with either the 50mm or one of my wider lenses. Hopefully by May Canon will have released the new firmware with 25p support so I’ll be able to shoot similar framerates with both cameras.

I’ve also had to invest in a bunch of logistical kit for this trip too, I’ll be taking six LP-E6 batteries, two Delkin dual chargers and four 32Gb CF cards – that all adds up to quite an investment! I’ll be backing up as I go to the Nexto DI NVS2500 & USB drives.

Considering the flexibility that this setup offers though it adds a lot of possibilities to my shooting options. I was never able to take my 35mm adapter on one of these jobs before due to weight restrictions for the flights, I’m looking forward to having more creative options with this rig than I’ve had previously though, and all in a lighter package.

Audio wise I’m going to be using my Rode video-mic and Zoom h4n. The Zoom will be used for any interviews requiring better audio than the rode offers and for recording from mixing desks when required.

Support wise I’m still a little undecided. I’m definitely taking my glidetrack shooter which will do the job of shoulder support too, I’ll also be taking a steadicam merlin. Tripod wise I’ll probably have my Miller taken to the event for me because I think it’s going to be too large to take on the bike, I’ll need some kind of support for the ride out there but I’m unsure if I can get away with a normal stills tripod. Will I miss the fluid head or not? Decisions decisions!

Harley documentary

I had the pleasure of shooting Harley Davidson’s European events last year and I’m really pleased to say that I’ll be shooting for them again in 2010. On top of the event work I’m also going to be riding my KTM from the UK to St Tropez with a group of Harley riders covering the trip for a small documentary. Over the next couple of months I’m going to be putting together a shooting kit thats suitable to be carried on the bike.

I’m quite interested in shooting the trip on my 5D if canon release the 25p firmware in time, either that or get a 7D for the project. I’ll be testing out some options over the next few weeks and experimenting with various bits of kit that and workflow solutions so stay tuned and I’ll post my findings as the project progresses.

European Bike Week 2009 – Austria

The third event that I ‘ve filmed for Harley Davidson this year is the European Bike Week which takes place in the small village of Faak in Austria.

Although this event is likely to be that last this year, it ‘s by no means the smallest, in fact it is by far the biggest event in the HD Europe calendar. The event is reported to have attracted over 100,000 visitors, most of whom are bikers.