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Mac Pro RAID setup

I recently posted about choosing a new storage solution for my Mac Pro where I decided to invest in an SAS based RAID system from Now that the kit has been installed I thought I’d post a quick update about the installation procedure, an issue I ran into and the results so far.

Firstly, here’s a rundown of the kit I ordered and how it’s all setup.  The PCIe card is the Areca AC-1882x 8 port SAS/SATA Raid adapter. This card features two external SAS connectors, each capable of controlling up to four SATA hard drives, hence the (8 port) description. Fitting the card into the Mac Pro is a relatively simple process, at least it is if you’re used to fiddling around with PCI cards. If you’ve grown up on iMacs then you might find this a little daunting but as long as your careful then fitting PCI cards is fairly straightforward.

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Mac Pro & alternatives to Thunderbolt


Note: I’ve updated this post to reflect information received about alternative technologies.

When I purchased my 12 core Mac Pro in 2010 I knew it wouldn’t be the hottest machine for long, it’s just the way technology goes. My policy with hardware has always been to buy the best I can and make it last rather than buying cheaper and more often.

Now half way through it’s expected life cycle of three years my Mac is still very well specced compared to the latest models, it has 48GB’s of Ram and 12 CPU cores running at 2.93Ghz.

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Nvidia quadro 4000 (mac version) – £73 off normal retail price

I’ve been using Adobe’s Premiere Pro CS5 a lot recently and the app is starting to grow on me, so much so that I’ve decided to invest in a new graphics card that should be able to to provide GPU processing for the Mercury Playback Engine. If all this sounds like gobbledygook then read my explanation here.

I’ve decided to go for one of the new Nvidia Quadro 4000 cards for the mac. These cards are listed on the UK apple store for £799. I’ve been in contact with Jigsaw systems in the UK who I purchase a lot of my kit from and they have offered a price of £726 for a (brown box) version of the card which is basically the same product without the flashy packaging.

I’ve spoken to my account manager at Jigsaw and he’s prepared to offer the same price to any readers of my blog so if you’re interested in buying one call Tim Bridger on +44 (0) 115 916 55 36 and tell him you’ve seen the price here.

The card is expected to arrive around Dec 17th and I’ll be writing a full review once I have it installed.

12 core Mac Pro tests

Activity monitor showing 24 flat out processors

“The 12 Core shows up as 24 CPU’s, all flat out in compressor!”

My new Mac Pro arrived yesterday so I spent my evening installing apps and getting it set up ready to take over as my main editing machine. Once I had the basics installed I couldn’t resist running a few tests to see how it compared to my old machine…

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To the power of 12

Anyone that’s been reading my blog for a while will know that I’ve been waiting for a new Mac Pro to be announced before upgrading, well now that the fancy 12 core machines are available to buy I’ve placed an order for my next workstation.

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