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Singular Software DualEyes Review

DualEyes is a stand alone app from Singular Software that allows you to either replace the audio in your DSLR shots with the audio from an external recorder or cut your H4n wav files up to match the length of your clips.

I’ve found it especially useful when working with Premiere Pro, read the full review to find out more.

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New Video: Multicam edits in Premiere Pro using PluralEyes

In this video I show how to use PluralEyes to sync DSLR clips in Premiere Pro CS5 and then go on to show how to do a multicam edit.

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Zoom h4n as a desktop mic

The Zoom H4n audio recorder is loved by DSLR filmmakers worldwide, it’s a low cost device that provides high quality results. But did you know that it can also be used as a desktop mic?

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The Zoom H4n gets independent level controls

Zoom H4n

Zoom have released a firmware update  (v1.70) for their H4n Handy Recorder. The new firmware adds the ability to set the recording levels for channels 1 & 2 individually. Prior to this update both channels shared a level setting making it tricky to record from two sources at the same time.

Get the firmware from the Zoom Website.

Redhead Zoom H4n windscreens

Mic windscreens are not something you normally consider to be fashionable or by any means funky, but when it comes to the Zoom H4n ‘Readhead’ windscreens it’s an entirely different story. My windscreens only turned up today so I haven’t had chance to try them outside yet, but you have to admit these things are well cool, I almost feel like I need to pick up some hair products for them!

Check out all the colours at I went for a gun metal and a midnight for $54 with free worldwide shipping.

People say that much like dogs, an h4n often looks like it’s owner… I don’t believe a word of it!

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