Winter garden

I’ve been shooting random clips in and around our garden over the last week and thought that I’d throw this together tonight rather than wasting them. There’s a mixture of formats and lenses used here but it was all done using the Brevis adapter and the cropping technique described in the workflow section which seems […]

Small Things

Small Things

So, at lunchtime today I spent a couple of hours in our kitchen giving my newly acquired Nikkor macro lens a try out and this video is the result. To get the white background I simply taped a piece of A4 photo paper between our kitchen table and the wall it’s against to create a […]


Filmed at Hunstanton beach on the north Norfolk coast on the 15th November 2008. Once again I only took my camera and glidetrack which I’m finding is a great way of filming. I find myself using the glidetrack as more of a mobile filming platform than anything, I can sit it on the sand, on […]

Morston mud

Morston mud

I’m not sure why I woke up at 6am on the morning of the 29th October 2008, but I’m glad I did. The sun wasn’t even close to rising but what little light there was had that magic feeling about it, it was going to be one of those colourful mornings ideal for filming. After […]

Glidetrack in Norwich city

I had a meeting in Norwich so popped into the city for an hour with the glidetrack to do a few tests. It’s quite an interesting way of shooting as it’s easier to carry around than a tripod and gives me the ability to use any walls, rails or other support to rest the camera […]

Glidetrack test

Glidetrack test

Here’s the results of my first hour playing with the Glidetrack. Firstly, not having a fluid head, or for that matter any kind of tripod head attached to the glidetrack makes it very tricky to use. For now all I’ve done is mount a Manfrotto adapter to it and slid my camera straight on. This […]

Valve nostalgia

I wanted to try filming something against a dark background using lights so decided to make a short film based on my feelings towards setting up my guitar. I wanted to portray the mixed emotions I had about playing for a long time. I played in bands for many years but that ended with a […]

Windy Wednesday

This footage was shot on a windy Wednesday and was mostly handheld so it’s very shaky. I shot this all at 720/50p so that I had the option of slowing it in post, but that has highlighted a problem because my shutter speed automatically increased to 100th sec which has started to make the ground […]

Brevis – first shots

Brevis – first shots

Today was a very significant day in my videography adventure, it was the day when I finally got my hands on a 35mm adapter! For anyone who doesn’t already know what a 35mm adapter does, it’s basically a device that you fit to the front of the video camera that allows you to attach regular […]

Bubbles & Buckets

The kids were playing with bubbles in the garden so I decided to try and capture the moment. music: “Rage Man” by Mogwai – Buy on iTunes

Black water, golden sky

Shot in January 2008 at a river that’s within walking distance of my house. I really liked the shot of the Typhoon fighter jets as they were lit by the sun and everything else around me was starting to get dark. The two big lessons learned on this video were that I needed to buy […]

Making the time

I shot these clips in January 2008 using my Sony EX1. As the edit developed I felt the wind turbine started to feel like a giant clock overseeing time as peoples lives happened around it. I really enjoy making these short emotive films in a single day, I guess it’s more like painting or photography […]

Magic Bullet

Some tests I did when I was trying out Magic Bullet Looks for the first time. I like the pace of this video. music: “Love Spreads” by The Stone Roses – Buy on iTunes

Below Heavy Skies

Some overcranking shots using the S&Q function on the EX1. music: “Ruled by Secrecy” by Muse – Buy on iTunes

Hot & Cold

Kitchen taps, not the most interesting of subjects it has to be said but I enjoyed trying to turn the footage into something that’s visually pleasing. This was one of the first videos I shot with my EX1, and taught me to switch of the tally light when filming something reflective! music: “Killing all the […]


This was a fun experiment trying out the frame record function on the EX1. We curved an old poster to create a small infinity curve and then asked the kids to make some figures out of their playdoh. I used my two dedolights for illumination and then it was just a case of doing the […]

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