Glidetrack in Norwich city

Glidetrack test - Norwich City
Glidetrack test - Norwich City

I had a meeting in Norwich so popped into the city for an hour with the glidetrack to do a few tests. It’s quite an interesting way of shooting as it’s easier to carry around than a tripod and gives me the ability to use any walls, rails or other support to rest the camera on and still have the use of the small fluid head I have fitted to it. (not shown in the still)

Most of these shots were on the floor though, and although a tiny bit wobbly at times I think it’s possible to get some nice footage using this technique.

You do get some weird looks from passers by though when sitting on the floor pushing the camera along the rail, you look a bit like a child playing with a train set out in public :)

I found that balancing the camera is critical. When tilting the camera up or down the sliding plate would start to bind on the track. As I use rails with my camera I’m able to slide the camera backwards fairly easily and balance the rig, but without rails it might be more of a problem with heavier cameras.

I’d say the glidetrack is at it limits with the EX1/Brevis mounted, the bar does flex a bit but as long as you wait for it to stop wobbling before starting the move and you’re gentle it performs well.

For more information about the Glidetrack visit

The music is just me messing with my guitar along with a garage band drumtrack.

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