Filmed at Hunstanton beach on the north Norfolk coast on the 15th November 2008. Once again I only took my camera and glidetrack which I’m finding is a great way of filming. I find myself using the glidetrack as more of a mobile filming platform than anything, I can sit it on the sand, on walls or whatever flat surface is available with the minimum of fuss.

All shot at 720/25p overcranked to 60fps with the shutter turned off. Most of this was shot with a nikon 135mm f2.8 mounted on my brevis, this lens does seem to suffer from some colour fringing but with subjects like this it’s nice to have a bit more zoom on hand.

I applied some magic bullet looks in post just to boost the colour a little and enhance the light which was actually quite dull on the day.

music: “Kites” by Patty Griffin – Buy on iTunes

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3 Responses

  1. Paul Joy says:

    Carl, you are the first anonymous person in my films to get in touch and I’m really happy that you did. If you’re ever heading to hunny again drop me an email and I’ll come down and do some sailing with you. I’ll put the footage in the post to you, thank your colleagues for being good subjects :)

    Dennis, thanks very much for that – it means a lot coming from somebody with as much experience as yourself.



  2. Dennis Wood says:

    Paul, without question the most cinematic kite footage I’ve ever seen. The opening shot was simply stunning. I’ve seen literally hundreds of clips done with our adapter and this one had me staring at the display wondering what was coming next. You need to search out one of our first customers in Australia, Andy Gordon. He put together an amazing kiting DVD which stands in my collection as one of the best I’ve seen..and he did it for fun. This collection of clips would have been 100% at home in that DVD. Wow.

    Dennis Wood

  3. Carl Davies says:

    Hi Paul
    I really like your video. And the music is appropriate. I am actually in this video, im the guy with the orange helmet and you asked me if you could take a picture of my kite. I love the light and the ambience of the whole video. It is a shame you where not there earlier on when we where kitesurfing, you would have got some action footage.

    Can I ask you if it would be possible for you to send me some of the footage, my friends where also in the video, John with his son Dan,(walking with the orange kite) and my other friend Jon with the neoprene hood. We are menbers of the SKF (Sheffiled Kite Fliers) We are a non profit club, and we would like to put together some clips of video as an introduction DVD for new members and new kite fliers.
    I do hope you can assist.
    Many thanks Carl

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