Small Things

Small Things
Small Things

So, at lunchtime today I spent a couple of hours in our kitchen giving my newly acquired Nikkor macro lens a try out and this video is the result. To get the white background I simply taped a piece of A4 photo paper between our kitchen table and the wall it’s against to create a mini infinity curve. I used two dedolights with blue gels as there was daylight coming through the windows as well and I wanted to match the colour.

Camera wise I set the EX1 to 1080/25p and zoomed into the brevis adapter to use an 80% crop. I used the glidetrack mostly as it’s handy to mount the camera on the table. Even the static shots were made easier using the track this way. Some shots needed the subject to be raised so I used the very high tech approach of putting my photo paper in top of a couple of lunch boxes… the glamorous world of film making eh!

I exposed all of the shots so that I had 100IRE zebras in the background to maintain an even white surfcase and then set about trying to see how close in could get with the lens. With the PK-13 fitted I could actually focus on an object only 6 – 8 cm from the lens which results in a really narrow depth of field.

Looking at the results now the only thing I wished I’d done differently would have been to colour correct the background a little as it seems the white balance wasn’t consistent. I also think I should have rolled the little toy car into the shot rather then tracking onto it. Next time maybe :)

music: “Small Things” by Lali Puna – Buy on iTunes

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