Peli 1550 & 1560 hard case reviews

Anytime my EX1 is being transported or is just tucked away waiting for the next job it lives in a Peli 1560 hard case. These cases are waterproof, provide lots of protection against shock damage and generally just make you feel reassured that your precious camera is snuggled safe inside.

You can buy the case with either pick ‘n’ pluck foam as I did or velcro attached padded foam partitions. The foam comes in three layers allowing you to adapt it quite easily to fit your gear. The 1560 also has wheels and a pull out handle that allow you to roll it on smooth paths and airport floors etc. I used a similar case (1550) with my Canon XH-A1 but because the EX1 is wider and deeper then the Canon I purchased the 1560 which offers a bit more room.

Before I started using a Brevis 35mm adapter I created snug compartments inside for the camera, batteries, wide angle lens, SxS cards and my mic. The pic below show the 1560 with just the EX1 inside before I made room for the rest of my gear. It is possible to fit the EX1 in this case in an upright position, but the top handle came a bit too close to the lid of the case for my liking and could have been damaged should the case be handled roughly. Inserting the EX1 on it’s side gives it a lot more protection.

Since using the Brevis 35mm adapter and Proteus rails it became a pain to keep disassembling the rig after shooting so I’ve now removed a lot of the top layer of foam from the Peli which allows me to keep the Brevis and Proteus rails attached to the camera in the case.

You’ll notice in the pics above that I’ve removed the EVF from the camera. It is possible to fit the camera in the case with the EVF attached by moving it into the upright position, but I find it gets in my way more than being useful when I’m shooting so I removed it and keep it tucked away in the case. The only accessories I leave in the case with the camera now are the EVF, the EX1’s matte box and my Sony wireless mic.

Here’s a pic of the case without the camera, it’s a bit of a bodge because it’s been adapted a few times. I could buy a new foam set from Peli but it works just fine so I’m happy to leave it alone for now.

Update: Jan 2009.

I’ve recently picked up another Peli case in the form of a 1550 with the padded divider set. I needed to be able to take my 35mm lenses, spare batteries and other accessories with me and have those protected as well as my camera.

1550_top_sml 1550_corner_sml

I also own a shoulder bag by Portabrace and a Kata backpack, but for complete protection look no further than a Peli.

In the US I recommend B&H Photo Video for Peli cases who list the 1550 starting at $113 and the 1560 starting at $129.

In the UK sell the 1550 for £220 and the 1560 for £242.

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