Another Peli

I like to look after by gear and now that I’m regularly using a 35mm adapter and taking a selection of lenses, mics and other damageable bits of kit out on jobs I decided to invest in a second Peli case to protect them along with the 1560 I use for my camera.

Unlike my 1560 case I wanted to get one with padded dividers rather than foam inserts this time as the foam really doesn’t work well for holding lots of smaller items, especially if they’re heavy. The pick ‘n’ pluck foam is okay for making a big cutout for a camera, but if you try to create lots of little compartments the foam soon becomes tatty and starts falling apart.

So, after a few days keeping my eyes open on ebay I found the perfect used case in the form of a Peli 1550 with a padded divider set which works a treat. The padded dividers are great for lenses etc as although they are flexible, the velcro is strong enough to hold the weight of lenses etc without any risk of movement.

here’s a couple of pics of the new case and how I have it arranged. You can see that I’ve used odd bits of foam here and there to support shorter items from underneath and at the ends of my batteries to stop them from bouncing around when being transported. The odd shaped part holding my EX1’s matte box is shaped that way so that my Brevis35 and flip unit fits snugly inside it when not fitted to the camera.

1550_top_sml 1550_corner_sml

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