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I worked as DP on a music video today which was a great experience as it was my first shoot with a Director, actors and a real storyline.

The music video is for a band called Kuda and the video has one scene which takes places in an underground gambling room, which was the part we shot today. I shot in 1080/25p on the EX1 with the brevis adapter and a combination of 50mm f.14, 20-35mm f2.8 and 135mm f2.8 Nikkor lenses.

The shoot was directed by Peter Naylor, a local film maker who’s also going to be editing the video. We’ll be shooting three more scenes in the coming weeks so I’ll post more news as it happens.

Here’s a few stills from todays shoot, they are straight out of the camera without any alteration other than reducing the size.

gamble_1_sml1 gamble_2_sml1 gamble_3_sml1 gamble_4_sml1 gamble_5_sml1 gamble_6_sml1

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  1. mtebert says:


    Great work man…job well done on all of your footage and storytelling… Couple of questions for you…When you are doing SQ motion on your EX1, Why do you turn off the shutter? And to follow that up, what are the best settings for using the overcrank setting with the EX1?



    • Paul Joy says:

      Thanks Mike. I turn off the shutter because with a 180 degree shutter at 50fps each frame is only being exposed for 1/100th second which can reveal the grain in my brevis adapter. At normal speeds (25 fps) each frame is getting 1/50th which works fine.

      I’m not sure how to answer the second part of your question, do you have a specific setting in mind? Other than the shutter I think the settings remain the same as normal speed.

      • mtebert says:

        So then why would you use a shutter? I guess I am a novice at this and feel stupid for asking that question (why use the shutter). Sometimes when I film for example when I film fast moving objects like a motorcycle rider and use the SQ motion. when i freeze frame for a still or stop the footage all together it looks like it is interlaced video or something like that. What am I doing wrong?

        • Paul Joy says:

          When the camera is running at 25 frames a second each frame is being exposed for 1/25th of a second. If you have motion in the shot 1/25th can result motion blur, that’s why the shutter is independent and can be set so that each frame is only exposed for a fraction of the time it’s available.

          The common standard is to have double the framerate (or half the time if that’s how you prefer to look at it), so at 25fps the shutter is set to 50th of a second, and at 30fps the shutter is set to 60th of a second.

          You can of course use much higher shutter speeds which results in the video looking more stuttery because there is no motion blur at all.

          WHen you say your video looks interlaced, are you shooting in interlaced or progressive? You shouldn’t see any interlacing in progressive footage.

          • mtebert says:

            hmm.. Well I am using the sq motion in 24p 720 HQ mode? Is it because I have the shutter on?

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