Litepanels LP-Micro

I decided to invest in a small on-camera light last week and after reading many favorable reviews I opted for the Litepanels LP-Micro. I really like the idea behind this light, it uses LED’s which provide lots of benefits, mainly low power consumption, no heat and a long life-span. All in all the LP-Micro seemed like exactly what I needed so I ordered one. B&H Photo Video sells them for $275


I returned home from a shoot yesterday to find a box containing the light waiting for me, I’m always like a child on Christmas morning when new video kit turns up so I didn’t waste any time in opening the box. Immediately upon picking up box I became aware of how light weight this light is, so much so that I was convinced the box was empty! Sure enough though I discovered that the box did in fact contain the LP-Micro.

The moment I removed the light from the box I felt disappointed, the construction of this light can only be described as flimsy and cheap, it felt like something that should have cost a lot lot less than it did. The whole thing is made of plastic, the hot shoe fitting doesn’t inspire confidence that it will survive the rigours of day – day use and the cover that’s used to hold the included colour gel in place felt like it was going to break in my hand.

The operation of the light was also disappointing, it was nowhere near as powerful as the Sony HVL-LBPA that I hired a few weeks back for the Silent Disco filming, it would really only be any use a few feet from your subject.

I feel like I’m being too harsh on this little light, it does has some advantages due to it’s very light weight and AA battery use. Since owning it I have used it occasionally as an on camera light during steadicam shots and for the occasional product shoot to throw a little light on to dark areas.

If the price were more realistic I’d say it was a worthwhile purchase, it’s dim-able, can be used anywhere because it uses AA batteries, and is extremely lightweight. At $275 it’s simply too expensive though, it’s not built like a pro item should be, yet it’s priced to be just that.

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  1. Graham Vedmore says:

    I bought the light panel and in my experience, it’s a waste of money. Others might think differently. I also bought a rotolight, but have waited til now for the stand to come out to fit it to the top of the camera. I also tried my luck with another type of LED light, without a brand name which was powered by a Sony battery which had no retaining lugs, with the result that the battery would fall out unless the light was angled downwards. I think that manufacturers see us coming and palm us off with this crap which we then have to use. I suppose the best is the rotolight, but at the end of the day, people tend to look away from LED’s as they are too bright to look directly at. I have taken to using some cheap natural daylight chinese made tripod lights. These are very portable and you can ambush people by putting out enough light to make your video or take your photos without them squinting. Hope this has been of some help.

  2. Ross Chapman says:

    Thanks Paul – what do you recommend nowadays? Rotolight? Another litepanel? Would be good to hear your experiences!


    • Paul Joy says:

      Hi Ross. I also own and use a litepanels mini which does a good job for an on camera light or just a small fill light. The mini is uses rechargeable batteries and is a a lot more robust than the micro but it’s also a lot heavier. With it’s battery attached it’s probably a little too heavy for most camera cold shoes so I’m not sure I would recommend it for that use. It ca be powered by a D-TAP connector though which makes it much lighter. I mostly use it as a small fill that I can get an assistant to hold or put on a stand.

  3. Simo says:

    Thank-you for writing this useful feedback, I was thinking to buy a LP-Micro, but now I am having my doubts, it did feel quite cheap and plastic from the photo too.
    You have confirmed my doubts.

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