European H.O.G. Rally 2009 – Latvia

European H.O.G. Rally 2009 - Latvia
European H.O.G. Rally 2009 - Latvia

Here’s the first video from my shoot for Harley-Davidson at the 2009 H.O.G. Rally in Jumala, Latvia.

I used my trusty EX1 again but this time took along my Steadicam Pilot to give me a few more options in achieving movement in shots. For the first ‘in the field’ shoot with the Pilot I’m pretty happy with the results although I’ve also learned a lot about using it too.

Like many EX1 users before me I managed to snap the mic holder off my camera in the middle of the event, although not hugely costly to repair this did cause me a lot of problems for the remainder of the event and I’m going to be replacing it with a sturdier solution, I’ll post more about that later.

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  1. Hi Paul,

    How did you get on with making a replacement holder? My understanding of the mic holder on the EX is that it is made slightly flimsy for structural purposes. Because of the way the stresses manifest themselves, if the mic holder was more rigid or solid and the camera took a hard knock in that area you might find that the main camera casing could become damaged instead. Clearly a much costlier thing to fix and replace than a mic holder.

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