Open Youth Trust – First EX1 & 5DmkII video

OPEN Youth Trust - Promo
OPEN Youth Trust - Promo

I was hired by the Open Youth Trust in Norwich to produce a short promotional video highlighting their recently opened £12m venue in the heart of Norwich.

This was the first project where I used my new Canon 5dmkII alongside my trusty Sony EX1. The images produced by these two cameras are quite different, although I really like the fact that they allow me to show two different perspectives in interviews, not only from a camera’s point of view, but also with such a different feel to the images due to the shallow depth of field the 5D mkII produces. All of the 5D shots were done with a 50mm f1.2 L series lens.

Because the 5D shoots 30p and the EX1 25p I had to conform the footage from the 5D accordingly. I did this in two ways. For interview shots I transcoded the footage to XDCAM-EX/25p using Episode Pro, this does a good job of reducing the frame rate whilst not causing me any syncing issues. It does however take a lot of rendering time.

For the remaining shots I simply used cinema tools to change the frame rate, effectively slowing the footage down slightly, which because it’s only a meta data change is a very fast process.

Hopefully Canon will release the updated firmware for the 5D quite early in 2010 and then things will be a lot easier as the camera will be able to shoot 25p directly.

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6 Responses

  1. Dave Owen says:

    Excellent work Paul and hope you were paid well. Any reason you didn’t tidy up those mic cables under t-shirts etc. Could you advise which shots were EX1 and which were Canon 5D it would be very interesting to know. If I was guessing i’d say it was 80% EX1 but who knows? Great work!

    • Paul Joy says:

      Hi Dave.

      For this project I didn’t want the videography to be overly transparent, hence the obvious mics and images of the camera within it.
      I’d say 80% EX1 would be about right.

  2. Daniel Freytag says:

    It’s a great promotional video and I like your other video too.
    But, what’s that music ? From where ?

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