London BVE – DSLR & 3D

I visited the BVE (Broadcast Video Expo) yesterday in London as I have done for the last few years. I always enjoy these shows because it’s great to put faces to names and check out all the latest gadgets.

Walking around the show this year it was amazing to see how much attention was being given to DSLR’s. There were so many stands that had a 5D rig of some kind or another set up, each with loads of people intrigued by these little cameras and the array of support systems being built around them. Last year the only one I saw was on Canon’s stand.

What’s so interesting about this is the fact that the BVE is normally so broadcast driven, The DSLR revolution is obviously a really big thing but I didn’t expect to see so much interest at the BVE.

Dennis and the guys from the F-STOP Academy put on a great seminar in the afternoon, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Seamus McGarvey’s piece – he seems an extremely nice bloke and the clips shown of his current project being shot with the 5D looked amazing.

The other big thing at the show was 3D, the show floor was littered with giant contraptions that had two EX3’s, Red’s and various other cameras sticking out at 90 degree angles.

It’s amazing how quickly things move on, last year almost every stand had a 35mm adapter of one type or another on display, this year I spotted two!

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  1. Anthony Alleyne says:

    Yep, was there too. Also surprised by the DSLR proliferation. Does this now mean it’s being considered ‘broadcast quality’?

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