INTUIT remote focus controller

I just stumbled across this on vimeo and it looks like a great idea, lets hope it comes to market.

INTUIT FOCUS - (FFHF.01.) follow focus unit demo
INTUIT FOCUS - (FFHF.01.) follow focus unit demo

Here’s some info from the creator…

“This pre production demo show what the new INTUIT FOCUS v.01 (beta) is capable of. It is wired follow focus unit for those who tend to use new DSLRs on their rigs, Steadicams or any kind of dollies. This product will be coming in 2 versions, with 1 controller and 1 motor or 1 controller – 2 motors for easier and faster switches between setups.
Currently INTUIT FOCUS is in it’s final test faze and it will be ready for sale via IF web site.
If you need some additional specs and info – contact me via email:

If you would like to follow the development progress of this device the creator is using the comment system on Vimeo to answer questions.

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2 Responses

  1. Bob Salomon says:

    The Intuitfocus system will be available in the USA in September, 2010. It will be available from camera stores like Bel Air Camera, Samys, Woodland Hills, Adolph Gasser, Foto Care and K&M in September. Other dealers will be added shortly. Most of these dealers will have it for rental as well as sale.

  2. Robin Schmidt says:

    Redrock have a remote follow focus coming out, and there’s also the Hocus Focus remote ff which could be pretty good. This looks great though.

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