Barcelona Harley Days 2010

Barcelona Harley Days 2010
Barcelona Harley Days 2010

The latest in my line-up of event shoots for Harley-Davidson took place last weekend in Barcelona. Thankfully the weather was beautiful for this one with the sun being blocked by clouds for only an hour or so during the whole three day event.

I shot this event entirely on the Sony EX1, support wise I used my Miller DS-20 Solo tripod and occasionally mounted the EX1 on a glidetrack shooter. The EX1 can be a bit wobbly on the shooter but with a bit of care it’s still possible to get some useful shots.

I didn’t have any assistants for most of this event so I tried to work with as little kit as possible, carrying the miller tripod only when I want to get specific shoots at the long end of the lens and when doing time-lapse shots. Getting steady shots with the EX1 is greatly helped by using the viewfinder to give stability and employing the image stabiliser in the camera. I also use S&Q motion (over-cranking) where possible as this too helps to make any shaking less obvious.

Most of the riding shots were done on the back of a bike for this event, although I did spend some time shooting out of a car sunroof which is not the most pleasant experience! Probably not high on the health and safety list either!

Any questions just ask…

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3 Responses

  1. Robert Shaw says:

    Nice Work Paul as usual. Did you miss the 5Dll at all?

    I just got the Glide Track shooter which Im using with the 5Dll but haven’t got smooth results so far, my slides stutter a bit, I think I may be trying to slide to slow, I have seen footage ‘including yours’ that looks really smooth, hopefully its just a case of getting used to it.

    Thanks for sharing your work and creativity.

  2. Rod Edwards says:

    Real nice job Paul … must have taken a great deal of hard work ! :)

    Out of interest, how much footage did you shoot for the final video ?

    • Paul Joy says:

      Thanks Rod. I came back with 75GB of footage this time (around 4.5 hrs). I’m slowly improving in that regard as I came back from some of my early trips with over 300GB which is slightly excessive for a 4 minute video :)

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