On 6th July 2010 HRH The Prince of Wales took the salute at a Royal Review in the Mall, London to celebrate 150 years of the Cadet Forces in the UK. Cadets, volunteers and their massed bands from across the UK marched from Horse Guards Parade down The Mall to Buckingham Palace in a colourful parade, past Clarence House where The Prince took the Salute in honour of the anniversary.

I shot the event using my Sony EX1 using 1080/25p throughout. I was really tempted to grab some slow-mo footage but with things happening so quickly and having to grab interviews without much warning I felt it was safer to stay in the same mode. The sound was recorded using both an on-camera Sennheiser MKH-416 shotgun mic and a Sony UTX-H2 wireless handheld microphone which was held by the interviewer I was working with.

During the parade down the Mall to Buckingham Palace I was penned up with all the other official media peeps, most of whom were shooting on traditional big XDCAM cameras, interestingly though I was set up next to the MOD cameraman who was shooting both stills and video on a Nikon D3s. I don’t think I’d have fancied shooting such an event on DSLR personally, some of the shots would have looked lovely but I needed to keep my workload as simple as possible and you can’t beat handling picture and sound on the same camera in those circumstances.

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4 Responses

  1. Dave Nisbett says:

    Paul – good film …. but didnt you take any footage of the combined cadet force national band that was leading the cadets? Shame if you didnt – they’ve been practicing for a year for that.

    • Paul Joy says:

      Hi Dave, the video was commissioned by the ACF so I was concentrating mainly on them. They were all fantastic though!

  2. aliysha says:

    hi, was wondering if you have any photos as some of my cadets which were part of the mass ACF band would like to see some.


    • Paul Joy says:

      Hi Aliysha, Sorry no I don’t have any photo’s at all, although I know that there was a photographer there as well who was shooting for the ACF so there may be some on the ACF website.

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