Swiss Harley Days

Swiss Harley Days 2010
Swiss Harley Days 2010

Here’s the video I’ve produced for Harley-Davidson’s Swiss Harley Days event. The video was shot over four days in and around the city of Lugano in Switzerland in July 2010.

The video was shot using the Sony EX1 and the Canon 5D with 24mm & 50mm lenses. There’s also a few shots captured on the GoPro Hero HD, including the low shots traveling along the roads and some of the time-lapse footage.

The one has been heavily graded in magic bullet looks as I wanted it to have a very gritty look but at the same time show the fact that we had some stunningly hot days, as well as one absolutely amazing storm!

Most of the EX1 footage was shot at 720/25p over-cranked to 60fps, I’m a slow-mo addict! The 5D footage was all down converted 1280×720 ProRes 422 before editing. I’m not really sure what else I can tell you, the best thing to do if you have any questions is just ask by posting a comment.

Here’s a list of the main kit I used on this project…

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6 Responses

  1. kaj says:

    Hi Paul,
    You mentioned using the GoPro Hero HD while traveling on the road but did you also use either the canon or sony for the bikers riding shots? Were you on a bike while filming or in a car?


    • Paul Joy says:

      Some from a car boot and some from the back of a bike. All the riding shots are from the EX1.

  2. James Karinejad says:

    Brilliant! A really enjoyable video. You have captured the energy of the event. Great shoots of the other riders while you riding with them. The slo-mo and music works a treat.

  3. Robert Shaw says:

    Nice work Paul, the close up glides on the bikes from 1.36 look amazing, was this the 5D and glidetrack shooter? I cant seem to get my glidetrack stuff that smooth at the moment, any tips.

    • Paul Joy says:

      Hi Robert. Yes the tracking shots were all 5D / Glidetrack shooter. The only tips I can think of are to make sure the camera is as balanced as possible and then try to be as gentle as possible with the move. I tend to hold my breath while tracking if it’s a tricky move although I’m not sure that’s advised for a long shot :)

  4. Phil Yisrael says:

    nice work Paul.

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