Win a Glidetrack Shooter or LCDVF

I’ve teamed up with Alastair Brown over at to bring you a fantastic chance to win some cool video gear. Up for grabs is a 0.5m Glidetrack Shooter SD, an LCDVF DSLR viewfinder and a 3:2 LCDVF.

All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning one of these items is follow me on twitter and then post a link to this page. You can use the ‘Tweet’ button above to do that if preferred but please remember, if you don’t follow me you won’t be included in the draw.

Update: The draw is now complete and the winners are:

LCDVF 16:9 – @mrjonnyjones

LCDVF 3:2 – @JDog23

Glidetrack Shooter – @torbenscharling

Thanks to everyone who got involved and helped to spread the word.

Manfrotto head, Canon 7D and Alastair Brown not included.

If you want to find out more about these excellent bits of kit then check out my reviews, Glidetrack Shooter & LCDVF.

Good luck!


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17 Responses

  1. mike miller says:

    One of my must read bloggers! Thanks for sharing your experience paul!

  2. Lloyd Morgan says:

    Will Xmas come early?!?! At 6pm we will find out!

  3. Milan says:

    I’m in. Glidetrack looks cool.

  4. J-dog says:


    Very informative & I dig the workflow tutorials. Thanks.


  5. Danny Bailey says:

    Not sure how I came across your site….but all I have to say is well done. Love your layout and the reviews are very informing.

    New Fan

    Danny B

  6. Steven says:

    Followed and tweeted…

  7. David Duncan says:

    Best part about twitter is that one gets to meet so many more people in the field they like than facebook. Thanks.

  8. Blake Segall says:

    You have encouraged me to sign up for twitter! Love the blog.

  9. Sasha Galkin says:

    Hi Paul! Great idea and really great stuff you have here. I will follow you from now on for more tips, reviews and gear ideas, as well as movies you are producing. Thanks you very much!

  10. Phillip Gibb says:

    awesome, I am in. Just a question about the link – it does not point to the correct page

    • Paul Joy says:

      Hi Phillip.

      Thanks for the heads up, I must have broken it yesterday. Should be fixed now.

  11. Amien says:

    Awesome! is it open to people worldwide?

    • Paul Joy says:

      Yes, the items are being shipped by Glidetrack, this is what they have to say about delivery…

      Q – Where do you deliver to?

      A – ANYWHERE!

      Q – How fast is shipping?

      A – We use FedEx International Priority Service for all non UK deliveries. Generally this will mean your Glidetrack arrives in between 2-3 days. Regional differences will occur resulting in some deliveries being quicker and some slower. We always try and turn orders around for the next business day.

  12. Craig Fields says:

    Sweet! – Followed and tweeted :)

  13. ben smithson says:

    Yes please! Done and done!

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