Multicam edits in Premiere Pro using PluralEyes

In this video I show how to use PluralEyes to sync DSLR clips in Premiere Pro CS5 and then go on to show how to do a multicam edit.

Multicam edits in Premiere Pro CS5 using PluralEyes
Multicam edits in Premiere Pro CS5 using PluralEyes

As you’ll see in the video PluralEyes works slightly differently with Premiere Pro which requires a slightly different approach to the Final Cut Pro version. The way Multicam works in Premiere though is a lot easier to work with than the Final Cut version and you’ll see just how easy and fast it is in this video.

I’m a bit obsessed with keeping my workflow tidy so you don’t have to repeat the part where I re-link the sequences after importing the PluralEyes’d XML. I thought it might be a useful tip to know though.

A PluralEyes licence will set you back $149 in the US. If you’re paying in the UK then you’re looking at around £100 plus VAT. If you’re interested in buying a copy then click here to visit the online store.

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15 Responses

  1. Eddie says:


    When i do the steps just like you do above here, my multicam
    option stays greyed-out in Premiere Pro???

    I am using Premiere Pro CC 2015 and PluralEyes 4.

    In other instruction video’s i see people using the nesting function.
    But i don’t see you using this method…?

    But my main question is, do you have any idea why my multicam feature stays greyed-out?

    Really hope you can help since i am in the middle of a job right now
    and pressed for time :-(

    Kind regards,


    • Paul says:

      Hi Eddie.

      I’ve not used Premiere for a few years now and when the tutorial was made it was CS5 so I’m guessing a lot has changed which makes it difficult for me to know I’m afraid. Sorry I can’t be more help.

  2. Pep says:

    Thank you so much! Very useful tutorial.

  3. Jeskah says:

    Thank you so much for this video!!! :)

  4. Braden Barty says:

    Hey mate, I actually found this useful for Premier CS 6. I love your blogs, it has inspired me to recently start my own. I would love to share links with one another!blog/c20ra

    I admire your work!~


  5. Emil says:

    Hi, I used Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Pluraleyes 3. I have 3 Cams recording simultaneously for 5 hours. I recorded my audio with ZOOM IQ5 with my iphone using aac format. From Premiere PRO CC to PluralEyes was done perfectly in sync of audio. The problem starts when I click export timeline back to Premiere pro CC. I got some video out of sync. But in Plural eyes it was perfectly done the synchronization. What is the solution for these. Pls help. Thanks in advance.

  6. Cye Wong-Loi-Sing says:

    This WAS really useful! Clear and concise!

  7. Eduard says:

    This is a great piece of tutorial. I now know how to sync multiple clips, even if they’re not on the same time :) You’re the hero of the day.

  8. point8cam says:

    Thank you, Paul. Been manually syncing audio for years, this could be handy!

  9. Al says:

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks so much for this great insight into Premiere, I last used it back in ’98! I currently use FCP but i’m getting very tempted to cross back over! Apple really needs to pick up the act – esp for dslr shooters!

    I was wondering though, can Premiere multicam handle more than 4 clips?? I read somewhere that the monitor only displays 4! If so, what to do??


    ps – if you deselect the “audio follows video” option [ small menu top right of quad split] the audio should stay put on track 1, you’d just need to rearrange your tracks so the h4n was track 1 :)

  10. Renat Zarbailov says:

    Thanks so much Paul. Your tutorial really helped me out with the issue I described here

    All it was just locking the audio track…

    Please keep these tutorial coming!


  11. Nathaniel Elliott says:

    What system are you using to bring IN the footage with Premiere Pro?

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