Using the Trim Monitor in Premiere Pro CS5

Using the Trim Monitor - Premiere Pro CS5
Using the Trim Monitor - Premiere Pro CS5

I posted a video last week about the basic editing differences between Final Cut Pro & Premiere Pro. In that video I described how the biggest problem with PPro for me was the inability to do various trim edits using the keyboard. Thanks to a comment from David K I’ve now discovered the Trim Monitor which allows me to do exactly that.

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3 Responses

  1. John Wise says:

    Loved the tip and look forward to more posts that help us learn cool new stuff. Thanks.

  2. Dave Dugdale says:

    Great stuff Paul, I had no idea that existed.

    • Finn Krogvig says:

      Nice demo. Is it possible to open trims in different cuts/places in all tracks? -You know, when one have (a number of) split edits over several tracks.

      This is possible in FCP (although it performs unlogical), it is even better in Avid and no one (to my knowledge) still does not beat what Lightworks could do back, say 20 years ago(!).

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