After working with Peter Naylor on Adrift he gave me a call to see if I’d be interested in shooting another short film he was working on.

Endeavour was shot on the 5D MarkII and involved some pretty cold and wet shooting. At various points during the one day shoot I found myself standing in a river with my Miller tripod submerged to the head and the 5D scarily close to the water. At one point I was using Pete’s 5D on a Jib and did accidentally touch the water with it! The camera was mounted upside down so only the hot-shoe went in but luckily it was fine.

Pete handled the whole incident much better than I would have done, although I would have replaced it of course if I’d damaged it…. phew!

Support wise, I used my Steadicam Pilot for the tracking shots as the boy is walking through the woods and a Glidetrack Shooter for a couple of the shots when the boy is on the bridge at the start.

In terms of glass I used the Canon 50mm f1.2, the most along with the  70-200 f2.8 for the shots where I had to work from the other side of the river.  The Canon 24-70 f2.8 was used when shooting on the Jib.

When using the Steadicam I shot with the Canon 24mm f.4 L lens which is a lot more usable on the Steadicam due to it’s closer hyperfocal distance .

I think Pete’s done a really nice Job with the editing and I’m especially impressed with the Music and Foley which was done by Joe Yates who also worked on “Adrift

Directed & Written by Peter Naylor
Cinematography by Paul Joy
Music & Foley by Joe Yates
Staring Nick Croucher & Lilly Neal

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23 Responses

  1. alan says:

    Thankyou 4 Endeavour, lve only just caught up with James Taylors September Grass which is so lovely,but i cannot imagine how you could possibly lmprove on the film,every time i watch and listen tears fall, Thanks its very very beautiful Alan

  2. Vishal says:

    This is one of the most amazing short film I’ve ever seen!

    Hats off to your creativity!

  3. Arthur says:

    Great! What picture style did you use on the camera? How did you approach your color grade?

    • Paul Joy says:

      I used the natural picture profile with sharpening fully removed and contrast reduced. I’m not sure about the the grading as I didn’t do the post work.

  4. Gary says:

    That was excellently filmed, some great angles! Loved it!

  5. Dan Kenyon says:

    Found this whilst trying to decide which follow focus to buy. I love the quality of the colour. Beautiful work. Nice to get the single leaf dropping into the river at the start. Serendipity as I can’t imagine you’d have an assistant with a long stick.

    Any advice on low cost follow focus appreciated!


    • Paul Joy says:

      Thanks Dan. No serendipity I’m afraid, just a director standing in the water with a few leaves :) I use the Shoot35 CINEfocus.

  6. Ben says:

    Hey Paul,

    This is really nice. If Glidetrack aren’t paying you they should be because you have convinced me to buy one. beautiful stuff, thanks for my daily doss of inspiration.

  7. Christian Anderl says:

    this was 4 minutes pure inspiration! you guys did a great job, fantastic frames, great colors, lovely story … impressive work! looking forward to see more

  8. Steve Lockett says:

    Superb, Paul, really good filming, and a couple of stars in the making? I preferred this to Adrift, it seems a more coherent story, although Adrift is very nicely shot, too.
    Is it my imagination, or does the exposure do a little jump when he’s walking through the woods after picking up the boat? Or are they compression artifacts?
    Keep up the good work…

  9. David Sinclair says:

    Just goes to show how good a film can be filmed and created without one word spoken. Excellant work on all acounts Paul, very impressed mate.

    • Paul Joy says:

      Thanks David, Pete and his colleagues came up with a very simple idea here based on human kindness, it’s one of those subjects that has the ability to touch us all and works well in the short I think.

  10. Robert Rodriguez Jr says:

    Found your site on twitter – beautiful work and great short, also appreciate your willingness to share behind the scenes info. Thanks!

  11. Brad says:

    Beautifully shot. Well executed, from the steadi-shots to the slides. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Ciaran says:

    Really pretty film. Had some great angles, a pleasure to watch.

  13. mikecazzx says:

    Simple idea, well executed. I am having a “Why didn’t I think of that moment?”.

  14. Jim H says:

    Good work PJ. Beautifully shot piece!

  15. Rich says:

    Came across your short while doing some background reading on glidetrack. Love it.

  16. Matt D says:

    Really enjoyed that.

  17. Robert Shaw says:

    beautifully executed and creative shots paul (the whole team did a great job) its amazing the still and quiet atmosphere you can create in front of the camera when behind it your cold wet and sloshing about in water lol well done.

  1. 08/01/2011

    […] 5D mkII short. Paul Joy vbmenu_register("postmenu_1605473", true); Today, 08:37 PM Endeavour | Paul Joy Directed & Written by Peter Naylor Cinematography by Paul Joy Music & Foley by Joe Yates […]

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