Sony reveals the NEX-FS100

Sony NEX FS100

Sony revealed the NEX FS 100 yesterday, this is the camera that was first shown with huge excitement at Sony’s F3 launch event a few months ago. Den Lennie from F-Stop academy has released a video where he describes the new camera and how he was invited to be part of the team that developed it.

This looks very interesting, I’ve been very tempted by the F3 but have struggled to justify the outlay in terms of return for my business. NEX FS 100 is expected to retail for a more reasonable $6,550 so should make for a more realistic competitor to DSLR’s from Sony.

Sony NEX FS100

It records AVCHD at 24 mbps to an SDHC but also outputs a 4:2:2 clean signal via HDMI so should work well with an external recorder. Den Lennie mentions in the video below that it also supports 50 / 60 fps at 1080p,  that’s excellent news and will be something that would make a big difference to me and my shooting as it gives the ability to overcrank for slow-mo without taking a resolution hit.

I’d love to see it with a Canon L lens adapter that can communicate with the L lens electronics.

The only negative thing I took from the video was that Sony have stuck with their older NP-F batteries, personally I would have preferred to have used my Sony BP-U’s but I can understand that decision as the other the NP-F batteries are also used in the other NX cameras.

Sony NEX FS100

Click here to download the official NEX-FS100 product PDF

For the full details visit the Sony UK Website


Update: The Sony NEX FS 100  is now available to purchase from B&H as a Complete kit with lens or Body Only.

NEX FS 100 Video Blog
NEX FS 100 Video Blog


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5 Responses

  1. Dietrich Matoff says:

    Hi Paul,
    what kind of lens and what matte box with follow focus on the Sony Cyber​​-FS 100?

    Many greetings from Germany – Thuringia

  2. Michael says:

    I have the same question as Mike anderson! I got my Sony FS100 few months ago, so far it’s been great! I’m so curious what they all used to achieve the second image on this post.

  3. Sander says:

    I started with film several years years ago (still new), using small mobiles and later handhelds etc. Now been doing several corporate videos, live streams, event videos, TV clips and have a need for my own camera (no more renting). Most of them are still for web video.
    Therefore I am considering three options and would like a little bit of help from experienced people. I am choosing between:
    1) Sony EX1R
    2) Sony NEX-FS100
    3) Sony NX5U

    What do you think which one would be the best for my purposes?

    PS! What do you think about this review. Is it adequate ?

    • Paul Joy says:

      The camera you use really depends on the project so it’s very hard to give a definitive answer. I’d say the EX1 would be the best choice as an all rounder but there could be times when the shallow depth of field of the FS100 might be handy. No ND’s on the FS100 make it a less usable camera in my opinion though.

      I’ve not tried the NX5U but I’d say the EX1 is a better camera.

  4. Mike Anderson says:

    Hey I’m anticipating geting the nex fs100 I’m a film student at emerson college in boston and you have got me sold the image I’ve seen from this camera is stunning; however, I have one simple question what is the matte box called that is being advertised with the nex fs100?

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